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By Jim Stoppani, PhD

Congratulations to the winners of my $20,000 New Year's Challenge – Misty Ramirez and Jamal Robinson! They both made amazing transformations following my Variable Training Method on, and each of them took home $10,000 in cold, hard cash for their efforts.

Now it's your turn! And the next opportunity to make a transformation and win money is right around the corner. My Summer Shred Challenge kicks off July 1, with a total of $25,000 worth of prizes up for grabs.

Prizes are only a small part of my challenges, though. The real reward comes through the transformation you'll make (both physically and mentally). And with the Summer Shred Challenge, I'm introducing a brand-new program, quite possibly my best fat loss plan ever:* Xtreme Shredded 8 (XS8).*

XS8 is an 8-week workout and diet system that's customizable to all fitness levels, and one that I promise will deliver amazing results in fat loss and muscle building if you just stick with the plan.*

To give your workouts a boost and maximize your results, I've created a supplement stack specifically for this program: the JYM XS8 Stack. In this stack are my most advanced fat burner (SS8), my new extreme pre-workout (Pre JYM X), and my best-selling protein blend (Pro JYM).

Not only is this comprehensive stack my ideal recommendation for getting the best possible results from the XS8 training program,* but it also saves you 10% compared to buying each item separately – PLUS you'll get a free shaker to go with it!

With the XS8 training program, diet plan, and XS8 Stack, you'll be prepared to transform your body, and your life... just like Misty and Jamal did earlier this year!*

Get ready for my 2022 Summer Shred Challenge with the XS8 Stack (and great savings), available exclusively here on

Get Xtreme Results With the JYM XS8 Stack

XS8 Stack

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