About us

JYM Supplement Science is about three things: REAL SCIENCE, REAL PRODUCTS, and UNREAL RESULTS.

That’s it. Nothing else.

The products are what you hold in your hand and then put into your body by way of powders mixed in liquid or capsules taken with water.

The results are what you see in the mirror, in the gym, and on the playing field: more muscle, less body fat, a physique to be proud of, more strength on every lift, more power and speed when playing your favorite sport. These are the results that change lives, improving your physical abilities, your health, and, above all, giving you more confidence to achieve even greater results in other areas of your life.

The science is the foundation of all the products and all the results. Without the science, none of it works. Every ingredient in every JYM product has been thoroughly vetted both in the lab through published research and in the gym through practical application. It’s a rigorous process that takes years — actually, decades — and that’s why all JYM products have been formulated by an actual scientist who’s been researching supplements for over 20 years and actually living the fitness lifestyle since he was a kid. That scientist is none other than Dr. Jim Stoppani, the man you see on the label of every product. He’s the face, brain, and inspiration behind the JYM brand.

Dr. Stoppani has always been about the real science and the real results – from back when he was a student at UConn, to a post-graduate researcher at Yale School of Medicine, to the science editor at the largest bodybuilding magazines in the world (Muscle & Fitness and FLEX) working alongside fitness pioneer Joe Weider, all the way to creating the JYM Supplement Science brand (the real products) in 2013.

Since then, the JYM brand led by Dr. Stoppani has helped literally millions of everyday people – real men and women, just like you, of all ages. With a diverse product offering covering performance, recovery, fat loss, hormone support, health, and overall wellness, there’s something for everyone in the JYM line.

Dr. Stoppani’s experience, passion, and vision extend to every member of the JYM team. It’s who we are and what we’re about.

We take science and turn it into results that change people’s lives.