Frequently Asked Questions

What is JYM Rewards?

JYM rewards is our points based Loyalty system developed to have our largest supporters, YOU the JYM Army, rewarded for all the loyalty and support you give us here at JYM Supplement Science!

Who can join JYM Rewards?

As long as you have a free account created with us on all customers are eligible to join and earn rewards! It's so easy we are giving you 100 points as soon as you join!

How do I earn points?

Thought you’d never ask. Points are accrued through a myriad of ways but for starters purchases. Each dollar spent= 1 point ($1=1 point) but it doesn't stop there…

  • Sign up for JYM Rewards= 100 points
  • Follow us on social media= 25 points (Facebook, Youtube, Instagram all 25 points each!!)
  • Share on Facebook= 2 points
  • Refer a friend= 100 points
  • Leave a review = 50 points‍‍

We make it easy to rack up points to put towards products you love to fuel your epic transformations!

Do I earn points for Subscribe and Save orders?

Yes! We want our customers to be rewarded at all touch points for your loyalty. There is no larger loyalty than the set it and forget it Sub and Save order every time an order goes out not only do you get the 15% off discount but you earn points with every order that goes out!

How do I know how many points I have?

As soon as you log into your account your points balance will show next to your orders. No hiding your points around here we make it easy to redeem and see your current points standings.

How do I redeem my points?

Right under your points standing ( fancy way of saying your total points) there is a REDEEM NOW button. Click that and you will be taken to the applicable discounts that are available to you and click redeem now and BOOM rewards at your fingertips and savings off your purchase! (Redemption Code can be applied right at checkout)

( Please note you have 30 days from redeeming to use your points at checkout)

Do my points expire?

All points are valid for 12 months or 1 year. Don't worry we will send plenty of reminders prior to expiration at JYM we always have your back!

When should my points update after a purchase?

Points should update almost instantly after a purchase but sometimes the system may have a case of the Mondays and take a little longer. At the longest 1-2 hours and your shiny new points should be in your account. Still not seeing them? No worries, email our JYM Service crew ( and our reps can answer any and all questions, comments or concerns about your loyalty account.

How many points do I need to redeem?

Great question! The first redemption point for discounts is 500 points. The subsequent points are tiered out below!

  • 500 Points = $10 Off
  • 1250 Points = $25 Off
  • 2500 Points =$50 Off
Is the JYM Vault coming back?

Yes. For all your legacy rockstar customers that remember the JYM Vault for a chance at super rare items or autographed supps by the Doc himself it will be making a return at some point next year. Make sure to be signed up for our newsletter to be the first to know once we turn the JYM Vault back live!