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Truth is, the best thing any supplement brand can do for you and your audience is to deliver reliable products that work…

Nothing will build your audience faster than trust, and trust is built by the quality of the products you represent.

As one of the world's largest and most transparent supplement companies, JYM Supplement Science engages with fitness enthusiasts by earning their trust with practical information and science-based products that deliver unparalleled results.

So ask yourself if you’re the kind of person who is:

  • Passionate about the positive impact of fitness
  • Dedicated to learning more about fitness and sharing your insights with others
  • Looking for a way help even more people discover the benefits of a fitness lifestyle
  • Eager to take your online presence to the next level
  • Ready to become part of something bigger

You may be a perfect fit for our all-new JYM Mentor program.

The JYM Mentor program is the next stage in our evolution...and it could be yours, too.

JYM Supplement Science was built out of a desire to educate people on the most effective and efficient ways to transform their lives through fitness

If you become a JYM Mentor, we’ll help you do the same for your online presence. We will teach you more effective ways to use your platform, so that you can guide more of your followers to a higher level of fitness

Our core Mentors and the JYM Team will show you everything we’ve learned on our path to success, and enable you to succeed at growing and helping your followers like never before


“How much do I have to pay to become a JYM Mentor?”

Nothing! In fact, becoming a JYM Mentor won’t cost you any more than a few minutes of your time.

After you submit your application, you’ll receive our specialized course and quiz, which will help us assess your current experience level, what you currently know about training, nutrition, and supplementation, and better understand what we can do to help you elevate your personal brand and do more to help others along their personal fitness paths.

“Do I have to already have a big social media following to apply?”

No, anyone who meets our criteria and truly wants to gain insights on our brand and be apart of something bigger will be considered. What matters most is the sincerity in your commitment to using your platform to help others improve their lives.

“What do I get for being a JYM Mentor?”

In addition to training based on the methods we’ve used to build up our own social media presence, we’ll also guide you in regards to fitness and supplementation so the advice you give to your growing audience can help them achieve better, faster results.

And as you progress through the JYM Mentor program, you’ll also unlock benefits like:

Level 1

0-4 sales (quarterly)

Special Pricing (15%)

Access to Exclusive Apparel

Access to Giveaways & Contests

Level 2

5-9 sales (quarterly)

Special Pricing (20%)

Access to Exclusive Apparel

Access to Giveaways & Contests

10% Commission
(before S&H)

Level 3

10-14 sales (quarterly)

Special Pricing (25%)

Access to Exclusive Apparel

Access to Giveaways & Contests

12.5% Commission
(before S&H)

Early Access to New Products

Level 4

15+ sales (quarterly)

Special Pricing (30%)

Access to Exclusive Apparel

Access to Giveaways & Contests

15% Commission
(before S&H)

10% Coupon Code

Early Access to New Products

“So what does it really take to become a JYM Mentor?”

Our main requirement is that you understand the in’s and out’s of supplementation, especially as established for decades by Dr. Jim Stoppani: owner, founder, and formulator of JYM Supplement Science.

Beyond that, we’re looking for people who are ready to take their love of fitness to new heights—to do even more for their social media followers and those around them—by taking on Dr. Stoppani’s personal mission to educate and inform people on the best methods for becoming better versions of themselves.

If you think this sounds like you, if you think you have what it sounds like you’re ready to take the next step. Click below to get started!

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