JYM Protein Bar

High-Protein, Macro-Friendly Snacks Never Tasted So Good. Fuel your results!
  • 16g of quality protein
  • Only 5g of net carbs & 4g of fat
  • Only 150-160 calories per bar
  • 13-14g of fiber
  • Convenient on-the-go snack
  • Delicious guilt-free snack or dessert!
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High-Protein, Macro-Friendly Snacks Never Tasted So Good. Fuel Your Results!

It was time for a new type of high-protein snack – a better protein bar – and that’s exactly what the JYM Bar is. With stellar macronutrients, premium ingredients, and a taste that will remind you of your favorite candy bar, this is the ultimate protein-packed, on-the-go treat for active, physique-minded people.

Have a JYM Bar handy while at work for a quick, nutritious snack. Keep one in your gym bag for when you need extra fuel for a workout. Make sure your cupboards are stocked with them for your nightly dessert. The JYM Bar is the anytime, anywhere protein treat you’ve been waiting for!

Quality Protein

The type of protein in your snack matters. Some bars compromise on their nutrient sources to save money, putting cheap, low-quality protein in their products. Not the JYM Bar. With 16g of protein per bar, the protein blend contains three high-quality proteins – whey protein isolate, milk protein isolate, and whey hydrolysate. With Pro JYM, Plant JYM, and Iso JYM already setting the bar for premium protein sources, what else would you expect?

Carbs, Sugar, and Fat

The JYM Bar delivers “clean” nutrition. Other bars load up on sugar, fat, and unhealthy calories, making you second-guess that so-called "healthy" snack. The JYM Bar fixes that issue. With only 5 net carbs, 2 to 3 grams of sugar, and 4 grams of fat, it hits an ideal macronutrient ratio to support your physique goals.

The JYM Bar has one of the best "protein per calorie" ratios out there, with only 150-160 calories (depending on the flavor), compared to the 200+ calories in many other high-protein bars. A bar should satisfy your craving for a treat but not overdeliver on calories. The JYM Bar hits the sweet spot.

Tastes Great… With No Guilt

You’re tired of “clean” protein bars that taste like cardboard. But the tastier bars tend to be loaded with sugar and excess fat and calories – not physique-friendly. The JYM Bar delivers the best of both worlds. It tastes amazing, like you’re having a cheat meal, but the macros won’t ruin your diet. High in protein with moderate calories, fat, and carbs, it’s also soft, chewy, and delicious. Enjoy it every day without worry!

About the Brand

JYM Supplement Science products deliver high-quality ingredients with complete transparency. No proprietary blends, no abbreviated formulas, no concentrated servings. The JYM brand exposed these shady practices when it launched in 2013, changing the sports nutrition industry for the better. With the JYM Protein Bar, transparency continues, as does the innovation in sports nutrition.

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