Project X

Project X is an advanced-level ("extreme") program that emphasizes four main training aspects – linear periodization, volume/variety, intensity techniques, and cardioacceleration – to maximize muscle size, muscle strength, and fat loss.

Super Shredded 8

Super Shredded 8 (“SS8” for short) is an 8-week get-lean plan based mainly on supersets – but it’s so much more than that. If you’re looking to burn some serious fat and you’re not afraid of a little intensity, you’ve come to the right program.

Beginner to Advanced

Whether you are a true beginner who has never had the pleasure of heaving a loaded barbell or you are starting on the road to fitness again after a long layoff, this is the perfect plan to take you from beginner status to an advanced level trainee in just 12 weeks.


The workouts you will perform utilize the popular, time-efficient, intensity-boosting technique known as the "superset" exclusively for the duration of five weeks – hence the name of the program. However, you might just feel like tearing your shirt open like Clark Kent at the conclusion of the program, what with the results in size, strength and leanness it will deliver.

HIIT 100

What happens when you combine HIIT cardio with German Volume Training and the popular Hundreds method? You get one of the most efficient programs there is for whittling away stubborn body fat: HIIT 100.

The Daily Grind

The Daily Grind attacks the rule that says you need at least 48 hours of rest for muscle groups between workouts. In this program, you train every muscle group for five days in a row. That's right: There's NO rest permitted between workouts until all five workouts are completed each week.