Bigger Serving Size, Higher Potencies

Pre JYM’s 26-gram scoop size is considerably larger than the typical 5-10-gram scoop of other pre-workouts. That’s because it’s impossible to put all the nutrients you need, at potencies that matter, to optimize your workout in such a small scoop. Other products that offer smaller size servings either leave out critical ingredients needed to fuel result producing workouts , or are underdosed. With Pre JYM you can be assured that you’re getting proper amounts of the most critical ingredients that provide all-in-one training support for lasting gains.*

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JYM Supplement Science and its flagship product Pre JYM have won the following consumer awards – and many more – since launching in 2013:

  • 4-time Pre Workout of the Year (Pre JYM)
  • 2021 Supplement Kings Canada Pre Workout of the Year (Pre JYM)
  • 3-time Brand of the Year (JYM)
  • GNC New Brand of the Year (JYM)

The Power of Amino Acids

The Pre JYM formula is based on amino acids (the building blocks of protein) that fuel the muscles for insanely intense workouts. The only stimulant in Pre JYM is caffeine, selected for its performance-enhancing benefits, not simply to give you a jolt. Amino acids like BCAAs, creatine, beta-alanine, and betaine are the foundation for real gains in strength, muscle-building, endurance, and overall performance.*

Intense Focus During Workouts

Caffeine, Alpha-GPC, and Huperzine A are three potent nootropics that collectively will give you an energy boost and sharpen your mental focus in the gym. Athletes and lifters describe this experience as “being in the zone.” Lackluster workouts can quickly become amazing training sessions when you fuel up with Pre JYM!*

Great Muscle Pumps

That shirt-stretching fullness you feel in your muscles minutes into your workout is the creatine HCl, citrulline malate, and beet root extract going to work. These pump agents help increase nitric oxide (NO) levels and draw more blood into the muscles to make them feel tighter during your workout and even in the hours following.*

A Pre-Workout GameChanger

Pre JYM was the first-ever true performance pre-workout, and years after changing the industry, it’s still the product smart consumers choose to fuel their muscles – and their goals – with actual nutrients.*

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