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30g Protein, 30g Carbs And Nearly 5g Fat In Every Serving

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  • 30g Protein (15 grams casein, 12 grams whey, 3 grams egg protein)
  • 30-34g Carbs (15 grams low-glycemic index (GI), 5 grams high-GI)
  • Nearly 5 grams of fat (1.3 grams saturated fat, 1.3 grams monounsaturated fat, 1.3 grams polyunsaturated fat, including 1 gram of CLA)
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Mass JYM is the first mass-gainer to use a non-proprietary protein blend (Pro JYM) along with a non-proprietary low-glycemic carbohydrate source, and a non-proprietary fat source. Unlike many mass-gainers that include twice as many carbs as protein, Mass JYM contains a 1:1 ratio of protein to carbs for “clean” gains.*

Whether you use it as a meal supplement on the go or as a mass gainer, rest assured that you’re getting quality ingredients and quality calories that, when combined with training and a proper whole food diet, will go toward packing on lean muscle mass, not excess body fat.*

Why Mass JYM is Different Than Other Mass Gainers

It’s not enough to know just the total amount of protein, carbs and fat that a mass-gainer provides – you need to know the precise amounts of each type of protein, each type of carb, and each type of fat. Otherwise, you won’t know if it’s a lean-mass-builder or just another “fat-gainer” made of cheap protein concentrate and sugar. I essentially designed Mass JYM to be Pro JYM™ plus an equal amount of carbs – primarily low-glycemic and the perfect fat blend.

Mass JYM Protein Blend

Designed to the exact specifications as my award-winning Pro JYM protein – each serving of Mass JYM delivers 30 grams of high quality protein. Mass JYM delivers 50% casein from micellar casein and milk protein isolate; 40% whey protein from cold-filtered whey protein isolate and milk protein isolate; and 10% egg white protein.

This protein blend provides just enough fast-digesting whey to help quickly stimulate muscle protein synthesis, plus adequate amounts of slow-digesting casein to keep protein synthesis elevated after ingestion.* Egg white protein provides a medium-digesting protein source that also provides higher levels of sulfur-containing amino acids as compared to dairy protein.

Research studies suggest that a protein blend providing more slow-digesting casein than fast-acting whey and a medium-digesting protein elevates muscle protein synthesis longer and leads to greater net protein balance than whey protein alone.* Simply put, a protein blend like the one in Mass JYM can be more anabolic than whey on its own.*

Mass JYM Carbohydrate Blend

Each serving of Mass JYM contains 30 to 34 grams of carbohydrates to deliver a 1:1 ratio of protein to carbs. This is critical. Consume too many carbs, and you could gain body fat in addition to muscle.* Take in too few carbs, and you might not optimize muscle growth.* The 1:1 ratio of protein to carbs helps keep the gains lean and steady.*

Mass JYM’s ratio of low-glycemic (low-GI) to high-glycemic (high-GI) carbs is another key aspect that makes this formula a true lean-mass-gainer. I designed the carb blend in Mass JYM mainly from pea starch, isomaltulose, and oat fiber to deliver a 3:1 ratio of low-GI to high-GI carbs.

At this ratio, you are unlikely to spike insulin (outside of a normal range) or add fat as easily as you would with a mass-gainer that relies more heavily on high-GI carbs like sugar, dextrose, or maltodextrin alone.* It also means Mass JYM works well as a pre-workout carb source, as it provides a small amount of quick fuel followed by a larger amount of long-lasting fuel to help provide energy from the start of your workout all the way to the end.* Research further suggests that when consuming carbs before and/or during workouts, the body is in a more anabolic state.*

Another way carbs are essential to maximizing muscle growth has to do with muscle cell volume. Glycogen, the storage form of carbohydrates in muscle, pulls water into muscle cells. The higher the muscle glycogen content, the fuller (bigger) the muscle will be. Yet maximal muscle cell volume has more to do than just looking bigger – it also places a stretch on the muscle cell membrane that can help signal biochemical pathways leading to an increase in muscle protein synthesis, which can help lead to long-term increases in muscle growth.*

Mass JYM Fat Blend

Fat is the most misunderstood macronutrient. It was deemed the devil for decades before real science stepped in and showed how essential most fats are. After protein, I consider fat the second most critical macronutrient, especially if gaining muscle mass and strength is important to you.

Dietary fat is quite anabolic when you consume the right amounts and types of it in the proper balance.* This holds especially true for healthy men. Some research suggests that healthy males eating diets higher in fat, particularly saturated and monounsaturated fat, have higher testosterone levels than those eating less fat.* Conversely, other research also suggests that healthy males consuming diets higher in polyunsaturated fats, compared to saturated and monounsaturated fats, have lower testosterone levels.*

Some commercial mass-gainers use sources composed mainly of polyunsaturated fats. This is not the type of fat that I recommend to a healthy male trying to maximize muscle growth. Ideally, you want to consume a diet that provides a 1:1:1 ratio of saturated to monounsaturated to polyunsaturated fats. But good luck trying to calculate your fat percentages in addition to eating the proper total amount of fat each day.

With Mass JYM, I took the guesswork out of it and designed a fat blend that provides the aforementioned 1:1:1 ratio (saturated to monounsaturated to polyunsaturated fat), including 1 gram of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) – a special type of omega-6 polyunsaturated fat that most people don’t typically get in their diets.*

Mass JYM – The Perfect Muscle - Building Supplement*

Each scoop of Mass JYM provides not only my recommended amounts of all three macronutrients, but also my ideal ratio of macro types for each one.* You’ll be hard-pressed to find a more ideal supplement for building lean muscle mass and strength than Mass JYM.*

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