Ramp up your fat-burning with this trio of JYM products.

If you want to get lean and shredded, you need a proper nutrition plan and training program (like one of my many fat loss plans on JimStoppani.com). To truly maximize your fat-burning results, supplements can be the tip of the spear, so to speak, to give you that extra edge.

Combine the right products, and you’ll get a synergy of ingredients that will help make losing considerable body fat much more doable. For this purpose, my foundational JYM Fat Loss Stack calls on three products: Pro JYM protein blend, Shred JYM fat burner, and Omega JYM fish oil.

Take these three products in conjunction with proper training and nutrition, and all your hard work in the gym will start translating to a more shredded physique.

Pro JYM: Get Lean By Boosting Protein Intake

Pro JYM is an optimal blend of Whey Protein Isolate, Micellar Casein, and Milk Protein Isolate that promotes optimal muscle protein synthesis to help you build muscle.

So, why protein in a fat loss stack? Because consuming a high-protein diet can help you get leaner. One study published in the Journal of the International Society of Sports Nutrition found that subjects consuming 1.5 grams of protein per pound of body weight daily lost an average of 5 pounds more body fat over 8 weeks than those consuming 1 gram per pound — despite consuming 500 more calories per day.1 This likely happened because higher protein intake increases metabolic rate and energy expenditure.

Omega JYM: Support Fat Loss With Omega-3 Fats

Omega JYM is an advanced fish oil supplement with proper amounts of the omega-3 fatty acids docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA), and docosapentaenoic acid (DPA). What most people don’t realize is that these omega-3s can support fat loss.

One study from the National Taiwan University found that the omega-3 fats from fish oil turned on genes that regulate fat burning by the body while turning off genes that led to fat storage. In addition, they found that these fats also turned on genes that aided in glucose uptake and storage by the muscles.2

Shred JYM: Fat Loss in 3 Stages

Shred JYM is my original fat loss formula with six active ingredients to facilitate fat loss via three different mechanisms: releasing more fat from fat cells, moving more fat to the mitochondria, and increasing metabolic rate.* The tried-and-true ingredients in Shred JYM include caffeine, green tea, capsaicin, acetyl-l-carnitine, Synephrine, and tyrosine at proper doses to boost fat loss effectively – and safely.

Instructions for Optimal Use

Here’s how to make the JYM Fat Loss Stack a daily ritual to increase your body’s fat-burning potential:

Pro JYM:

Mix 1-2 scoops of Pro JYM in cold water or milk (dairy or plant-based) using a shaker cup or blender, and drink. Ideal times to take Pro JYM are before and after workouts, first thing in the morning, in between meals, and before bedtime.

Omega JYM:

Take 4 Omega JYM capsules per day with food, either all at once or split up into two 2-capsule servings.

Shred JYM:

Take one serving (6 capsules) of Shred JYM once a day, with or without food. If green tea extract irritates your stomach, take it with food. If you’re caffeine-sensitive, don’t take Shred JYM within six hours of bedtime.

Special Offer

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1 Antonio, J., et al. The effects of a high protein diet on indices of health and body composition - a crossover trial in resistance-trained men. Int Soc Sports Nutr 13:3, 2016.

2 Yu, Y. H., et al. The function of porcine PPARγ and dietary fish oil effect on the expression of lipid and glucose metabolism related genes. Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry 22(2):179-186, 2011.

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