Get delts like JYM Athlete Ashley Lakomowski's with these two must-do exercises.

To get strong, defined shoulders, you need to train like a real athlete. Professional figure competitor and JYM Athlete Ashley Lakomowski is a perfect example and an expert on the subject of training delts. In the above video, she shows you two of her favorite exercises to sculpt a better set of shoulders. In the chart below, you'll see how she incorporates the movements into a super-quick delt workout.

"As you see in the video, I'm slanted forward and focusing on the eccentric (negative) part of the movement on the machine press, going nice and slow with full range of motion," says Ashley. "On cable lateral raises (aka, side laterals), I make sure I don't go too heavy. I just really focus on the movement to get a good stimulus."

Exercise Sets Reps

Machine Shoulder Press


12-15 (to failure)

Cable Lateral Raise


15-20 (to failure)


Ashley powers through her workouts with both Pre JYM and JYM BCAAs. "I took my new Pre JYM Natural Lemon Razz before the workout," she says, "and BCAAs during and after (chilled over ice in my JYM shaker)." 

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