This fast-rising physique star is more concerned with others’ results than his own.

Joe’s Bio

By the looks of IFBB pro Joe Wachs’ photos, it’s obvious he’s put a lot of time into his physique. After all, it takes the utmost dedication to reach the highest ranks of the professional Classic Physique division.

But believe it or not, Wachs puts way more time into other people’s transformations than his own body. A love of training and self-improvement is what got him hooked on fitness in the first place, but what keeps him motivated nowadays is seeing improvements in his clients’ physiques… and lives.

In the below interview, Wachs talks about his biggest keys to success and his competition goals for the near future.

Personal Stats

  • Age: 23
  • Height: 6'0”
  • Weight: 255lbs
  • Residence: Tampa, Florida
  • Full-time online fitness coach (working with both everyday people and pro athletes)

Q&A With Joe Wachs

What got you into fitness in the first place?
What were some of the biggest challenges in your fitness journey?
What's your #1 tip for those who want to make a transformation?
Why did you choose the JYM Supplement line over all of the other options out there?
What are your goals going forward?

Joe's Favorite Products

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