Wherever you are in your transformation journey, SS8 or Shred JYM can deliver a fat loss edge.

The more tools in your fat loss toolbox, the better.

A fat-loss-focused workout program: check! Xtreme Shredded 8

A fat loss diet: check! The SS8 Diet

Fat loss supplements: double-check!

Regarding this last category, you have two killer options: Shred JYM, my original fat-burning product; and SS8 Advanced Fat Burner, the “2.0” formula I introduced more recently.

Which one you choose depends on where you’re at in your fitness journey and your individual goals and preferences. In either case, you’ll have a fat-burning advantage that complements your training and nutrition – and a more chiseled physique to show for it.

Benefits of Shred JYM and SS8

Shred JYM and SS8 Advanced Fat Burner are two potent supplements that promote a leaner physique in slightly different ways.

Both Shred JYM and SS8 contain foundational ingredients like acetyl-L-carnitine, L-tyrosine, cayenne pepper fruit extract, green tea extract, and caffeine. Collectively, these ingredients optimize fat loss in three distinct manners: releasing more fat from fat cells, moving fat to the mitochondria where it can be burned, and increasing the body’s metabolic rate.*

The SS8 Advantage

Being the more advanced formula of the two, SS8 builds upon the foundation laid by Shred JYM with the addition of specific components and delivery technology for optimizing natural fat loss. Innovative ingredients such as Chromium Picolinate, Grains of Paradise Seed Extract, a time-released caffeine compound, and a unique blend of yohimbine and rauwolscine make SS8 one of the most potent natural fat loss products you can buy over the counter.

The Fat Burner Decision

So which product should you choose? The answer depends on how far along you are with your fitness and your experience with supplements. If you’ve never taken a fat burner before, Shred JYM is a great product to start with to see how your body responds to the herbal ingredients.

What if you’ve taken a fat burner before? If it was a non-JYM product, you could still start with Shred JYM. If you’ve taken Shred JYM before or are currently taking it and have been pleased with the results, feel free to stick with it. However, if you like Shred JYM but are wanting to take your fat loss to a higher level, that’s when SS8 becomes a great option. The newer formula will support the fat loss you’ve already experienced with Shred JYM, while potentially giving you a boost to spark that next phase of fat burning.

There’s a reason I kept Shred JYM in my product offering even after SS8 came along – because I stand by both formulas and believe each to be a great fat loss tool in its own right.

Between Shred JYM and SS8, there is no wrong answer!

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