By Jim Stoppani, PhD

Benefits of Plant-Based Diets and JYM Greens

Everybody is talking about the benefits of plant-based diets these days. And there’s no debating the benefits of including more plant-based foods in your diet for all the different beneficial phytonutrients they provide.

However, the key to achieving improved health and enhanced performance isn't a strict commitment to veganism; it's about striking a balance by including more plant-based foods alongside high-quality animal-based proteins, such as meats and dairy. This nutritional equilibrium has always been my guiding principle and message.

Focusing on the consumption of protein and vegetables plays a pivotal role in achieving better results in terms of health, performance, and body composition. The growth of bigger and stronger muscles is contingent on an adequate intake of protein. Yet, it’s equally essential that you have sufficient micronutrients at your disposal. These micronutrients are indispensable for driving the biochemical pathways and physiological processes that lead to muscle development.*

Animal-based products offer the essential protein content, while plant-based items supply the critical micronutrients necessary for the transformation of that protein into muscle. This approach defines a well-rounded diet.

Beyond muscle development, these micronutrients are vital for the proper functioning of various biochemical and physiological processes that impact immune function, cardiovascular health, respiratory function, and nervous system function, among other factors crucial to your overall well-being.*

Why I Created JYM Greens

For many individuals, increasing their intake of plant-based foods, particularly vegetables, presents a challenge. Some simply don't like the taste of vegetables, regardless of their nutritional benefits. Plus, the process of buying, preserving, preparing, and cooking fresh vegetables can be a hassle. And then of course, the expense of incorporating a variety of high-quality fresh vegetables into one's daily diet can be a hurdle.

To address these challenges, I developed JYM Greens, a product that contains 16 organic superfoods that provide a vegan source of numerous phytonutrients, which are often challenging to replicate in one's daily diet.

17 Superfoods in JYM Greens

There are other greens products on the market, but what sets JYM Greens apart from them is the transparent listing of the quantities of each of the 17 superfoods it contains, eliminating the guesswork that’s common with greens products that employ proprietary blends.

Each 14+ gram serving of JYM Greens offers substantial amounts of greens such as wheat grass, barley grass, spinach, parsley leaves, kale, alfalfa, and broccoli. This blend also includes the patented BroccoPhane broccoli sprout concentrate, ensuring a standardized amount of sulforaphane.

Other Superfoods in JYM Greens

JYM Greens also incorporates significant amounts of organic algae-based greens like spirulina and Chlorella, which have been shown to offer health benefits such as cholesterol reduction and improved blood glucose levels.

The Power of Mushrooms in JYM Greens

JYM Greens also features beets and the patented PeakO2® mushrooms formula, which includes cordyceps, reishi, Lion’s Mane, shiitake, king trumpet, and turkey tail. This blend distinguishes JYM Greens as a greens product that you can actually feel.

PeakO2® adaptogen mushroom blend has been suggested by one clinical study to increase oxygen utilization and boost endurance, which can help you generate more energy when working out, playing sports, and almost every other aspect of life.* Another study reported that using 4g of PeakO2® per day increased muscle power output, which can help you to be stronger and faster in the gym and on the athletic playing field or court.*

Other Superfoods in JYM Greens

JYM Greens also incorporates amounts of organic algae-based greens like spirulina and Chlorella, which have been shown to offer health benefits such as supporting cardiovascular health and supporting antioxidant activity.*

How to Use JYM Greens

Including 1-2 scoops in your daily routine can help you build a better-balanced diet. JYM Greens has your back by helping balance your diet with the addition of a variety of nutritious foods like vegetables, grasses, fungi, and algae.*

Now, just eat enough protein. In fact, one great way to enjoy JYM Greens is by adding it to your protein shakes. One of the best-tasting shake recipes I’ve ever made involves mixing one scoop of blueberry açaí JYM Greens with 1-2 scoops of Vanilla Peanut Butter Swirl Pro JYM. I call it "The Good Morning Stack". It’s like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich shake. It’s so good, you’ll want to start every day with it!

Ready to Elevate Your Nutrition?

JYM Greens

JYM Greens - Blueberry Acai

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