JYM Athlete Amie Mock

After reaching a “do or die” point in her life, Amie Mock came out on the other side as a survivor-turned IFBB Pro!

Amie’s Bio

Age: 33

Height: 5'6"

Weight: 160 lbs.

Residence: Clear Lake, Texas


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Q&A with Amie

What led you to where you are today, and what are you up to now?

In 2015, my life’s journey had reached a “do or die” point. I knew that if I didn’t develop health and strength, both mentally and physically, I wouldn’t escape the abusive relationship and toxic decisions I was trapped within. I had thought about becoming a full-time bodybuilder and stepping on stage before, but I never talked about it openly because I was convinced I wasn’t deserving of such a rewarding career. This time things were different, and I knew I had to make a change. After years of unwavering faith, patience, and self-love, I reached many of the goals I set out to achieve and ended many of my struggles. Fast-forward to 2021, and I’m able to call myself an IFBB PRO and 2x Overall Champion in the women’s Figure division, while still being a proud user of the JYM Supps line. I’m currently prepping to take the stage in 2022 for my Pro Debut Show aiming for a 3rd Overall win so I can then be among those who compete on the prestigious Olympia stage!

What got you into fitness in the first place?

Back in middle school I quickly learned that I was a born-to-be athlete, and my competitive nature drove me to always want to be the best. Whether it be in volleyball, basketball, track, cheerleading, tennis, or anything else I was challenged to do!

What were some of the biggest challenges in your fitness journey?

Like so many, I battled with — and still do from time to time — with body dysmorphia.

When I’m not feeling my best, I can still see and feel the broken down 100-lbs abused girl who is failing in life. When that happens I have to close my eyes, block out the mental noise, take a deep breath, and remember where I have been, how far I have come, and how much further I have to go. Also, how blessed I am to be alive to do so!

What’s your #1 tip for those who want to make a transformation?

Knowledge truly is power! Take advantage of Jim’s crazy smartness and learn about the why’s and how’s of diet and exercise.

Then, when you’re ready, BE PATIENT WITH YOURSELF! Be prepared to fight through pain, doubt, nay-sayers, failed attempts, and your own personal demons. But let no one, including yourself, ever stop you!

Why did you choose the JYM supplement line over all of the other options out there?

Back in 2015, prior to JYM, my cabinet had every shiny label and “gym bro” recommended supp you could buy.

I wasn’t really sure what I was taking, why I was taking it, how much I should be taking, or when I should even be taking it!

Through desperation (and Google search) I came across Jim Stoppani. Thanks to his willingness to be transparent about the real sciences of supplementation, diet and training, he helped me gain the knowledge and confidence to develop the right routine for me!

What are your goals going forward?

Head to the Olympia stage and take advantage of all the beautiful opportunities life has to offer. Also, to embrace life while standing strong for all men, women, and children who are current victims or survivors of domestic violence and substance abuse. I want to be a constant beacon for others to know that they too can make it out and rise above and be their own amazing success story!

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