Post JYM Dextrose Carbs


Replenish Muscle Glycogen Levels and Enhance the Uptake of Creatine and Carnitine*


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  • Post JYM Fast-Digesting Carb is a delicious post-workout supplement designed to help replenish muscle glycogen stores and shuttle critical nutrients into your muscles fast to help optimize muscle recovery, growth and strength.*
  • FASTER GLYCOGEN REPLENISHMENT - Research suggests that consuming high-glycemic carbs immediately after training is the best way to replenish muscle glycogen stores*
  • ENHANCED NUTRIENT TRANSPORT - Dextrose is the fastest absorbing carb which is ideal for raising insulin in your bloodstream immediately after workouts to help shuttle glucose, amino-acids, and creatine to hard-working muscle cells*
  • GREAT TASTE – Post-workout is the one time when having a sugary drink will actually benefit your body.* Simply mix with water and/or Post JYM Recovery Matrix to enjoy.
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Post JYM Fast-Digesting Carb is pure dextrose, which is the equivalent of glucose – the fastest-absorbing form of simple carbohydrates there is. Intense training depletes your muscles of glycogen (the storage form of carbohydrates), and this glycogen needs to be replenished to ensure adequate recovery for greater endurance, maximal strength and muscle-building gains.*


One scoop of Post JYM Fast-Digesting Carb provides 30 grams of carbohydrates from dextrose – an effective amount to help maximize recovery by replenishing glyc