A great T-booster just got better with an all-in-one formula overhaul.

In the realm of fitness and health, achieving optimal testosterone levels is akin to finding the Holy Grail for men. It's the cornerstone of building muscle, shedding fat, boosting energy levels, and maintaining a vigorous sex drive.

Over the years, my mission has been to help you and the rest of the JYM Army unlock your full potential with scientifically backed nutrition and supplementation strategies. That mission takes a giant leap forward with the introduction of Alpha JYM X, which represents a new phase of testosterone support.*

Why I Created Alpha JYM X

Notice what I’ve done recently with the JYM product line: In addition to launching new products in new categories, I’ve taken already effective and popular formulations and made them even better. Why mess with a good thing? First of all, because that’s what good scientists do; we should always be looking for better solutions, even when the current ones are already doing a great job. Secondly, consumer demand; when the JYM Army asks for something specific, I deliver! The JYM Army is full of ambitious, hard-working people who are always looking for the next “best thing.”

I did the first “upgrade” in the fat burner category, introducing SS8 Advanced Fat Burner on the heels of the top-selling Shred JYM. After that, I tackled pre-workouts, creating Pre JYM X as a next-level version of the original Pre JYM. Now, it’s on to testosterone boosters with Alpha JYM X evolving from Alpha JYM. (Keep in mind that the original formulas — Shred JYM, Pre JYM, and Alpha JYM — will remain available for those who are partial to those “legacy” products.)

Alpha JYM X isn't just an upgrade. It's a step up in my approach to testosterone optimization, combining years of research with the latest advancements in nutritional science. Building on the foundation of Alpha JYM, Alpha JYM X amplifies the benefits and introduces new, powerful ingredients to help support your goals. 

Who is Alpha JYM X for?

Alpha JYM X is suitable for any man looking to optimize testosterone levels naturally. If you’ve been taking Alpha JYM and have liked the results like everyone else, I encourage you to give Alpha JYM X a try. It has a lot of similarities to the original formula but with a little extra boost.

Let's dive into what makes Alpha JYM X a game-changer in the testosterone support landscape.

The Alpha JYM X Advantage

Alpha JYM X stands on the shoulders of Alpha JYM, inheriting its scientifically formulated approach to testosterone optimization. But with Alpha JYM X, I've pushed the boundaries even further.

Increased Ingredient Amounts

I upped the ante with higher amounts of Fenugreek and Ashwagandha, adding an extra 200mg per day of each. These powerhouses are known for their ability to support natural testosterone production and help the body manage stress.*

New Ingredients

I’m introducing three new ingredients with Alpha JYM X: Shilajit, DHEA (short for Dehydroepiandosterone), and Boron. Each plays a critical role in hormone optimization and supporting healthy aging.*

Comprehensive Formula

With nine total ingredients, Alpha JYM X covers all bases, from supporting natural testosterone production and sexual health to promoting healthy male aging.*

The Convenience of Alpha JYM X

Creating an effective testosterone support regimen from scratch is daunting and expensive. With Alpha JYM X, you get a meticulously crafted formula that simplifies your routine. No more juggling multiple supplements or worrying about dosages. Alpha JYM X offers a convenient, cost-effective solution that delivers everything you need in one package.

How to Take Alpha JYM X

Taking Alpha JYM X is easy: The recommended daily amount is 8 capsules split into two servings (4 capsules). Take one serving early in the day (ie, first thing in the morning) and the other in the afternoon or evening (before a workout or around dinnertime or bedtime).

Alpha JYM X Ingredient Rundown

Ingredient Description
Fenugreek & Ashwagandha Root Extract These ingredients form the backbone of Alpha JYM X, supporting natural testosterone production and helping the body adapt to stress.
Damiana & Shilajit These additions support hormone balance and healthy testosterone levels, with research highlighting their beneficial effects on sexual health and antioxidant support.
Diindolylmethane (DIM) & Eurycoma Longifolia Extract DIM assists in maintaining a healthy hormone balance, while Eurycoma, also known as Tongkat Ali, is famed for its ability to promote healthy sexual function and testosterone levels.
Quercetin, DHEA, & Boron This trio supports healthy testosterone levels through various mechanisms, including managing enzyme activity, supporting hormone balance, and aiding in the maintenance of optimal DHEA levels.

The New Alpha on the Block

Alpha JYM X represents a new pinnacle of natural testosterone support, offering a powerful blend of ingredients designed to help you achieve your health and fitness goals. Whether you're looking to build muscle, enhance your physical performance, or support your overall well-being, Alpha JYM X is here to elevate your journey.*

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