From old injuries to addiction, this JYM Army member used fitness to take control & build a healthier, happier, more successful life for himself.

My primary goal when beginning my fitness journey was to lose weight, regain mobility in my legs that was lost due to numerous knee and ankle injuries, and become an active father again to my soon-to-be teenage daughter.

Over the course of April 2021 – February of 2022 I have lost over 80lbs (320lbs+ to under 240lbs), regained mobility and the ability to walk, gained strength in all facets of my weightlifting routines, and most importantly have been able to take on a role coaching my daughter in basketball. We are currently 5-2, in 3rd place, and in the hunt for a U12 house league title!

My results were obtained through a series of Jim Stoppani workout plans. At the onset, I joined and completed the 2021 Summer Shred Challenge (Show Time, Dropset Countdown, Jim Stoppani’s Giant Program), followed by Fitter, Faster Leaner, which created a perfect transition into the 2021 Holiday Shred Challenge (Fail no Fail and Full-Body Shortcut to Size), and I am now competing in the 2022 New Year’s Challenge using the Variable Training Method.

I believe my favorite program so far has been the Show Time program, which was completely different than any other weight training approach that I have ever performed. I also lost the most significant amount of weight from my frame during this program.

My lack of nutritional education has always been lacking and, starting my fitness journey in 2021 was no different. I began the journey using intermittent fasting and being in an extreme caloric deficit, but not focusing on the right type of fuel to simultaneously see gains as well.

Throughout my journey, I have read and re-read Jim Stoppani’s Dieting 101 multiple times and used that as the framework for my diet since mid-summer, progressively upping my protein intake as my body reacts to the dietary changes. I am currently utilizing the principles of 101 with intermittent eating, as my results from intermittent fasting have tapered off.

As a result of utilizing Jim’s Dieting 101 program, I have continued to see muscular gains, while cutting unwanted fat. I wish I had this type of knowledge as a young athlete in my teens!!

My staple supplements are Pre JYM, Post JYM, Pro JYM, and Iso JYM. I also used SS8 Advanced Fat Burner, Shred JYM, Vita JYM, ZMA JYM, and Omega JYM – pretty much the entire JYM Supplement line.

I have never been big on supplementation in the past. Most pre-workouts I have sampled make me shaky and anxious, and the same goes for weight loss supplements. Most other brands of protein have horrible flavors, way too filling, or upset my stomach.

The JYM line of products does not seem to have any of the adverse side effects that I have experienced in the past and the flavor options are endless. My workout ritual is now prefaced with Pre JYM mixed with Iso JYM and Post JYM mixed with Iso JYM or ProJYM, and my workouts, recovery, and GAINS have been tremendous as a result.

My favorite JYM Product mixture is an orange-flavored Pre/Post mixed with Tahitian Vanilla Bean Pro JYM.

My biggest motivation was being alive and well to see my daughter grow and give her the experience of having an active father, instead of the immobile, inactive man I had become.

The positive influence of the JYM Army Facebook group helped keep me motivated, by seeing others just like me who are fighting through their struggles and SHOWING UP to their workouts. There were many days my body was sore, and I was exhausted that I thought about procrastinating a workout or giving up in general until I didn’t hurt anymore, and all it took was a quick Facebook visit to my favorite group to get me out of my seat and into the gym!

After undergoing reconstructive ankle surgery in late 2020 I suffered from severe pain and discomfort that resulted in a dependency on alcohol to numb me. I have given up alcohol after a long, arduous struggle, with no plans to look back.

I have also made huge dietary changes from a predominantly fast-food diet where I would eat at any time of day to a balanced healthy diet at prescribed time slots throughout the day.

The biggest keys to my success were setting small, attainable goals as milestones with a long-term goal in mind, as well as consistency.

Each time I hit a goal, I made a new attainable set of goals and always focused on getting a little better every day to maintain the consistency required to hit those goals.

I suffer from advanced osteoarthritis in my legs. As a result, my joints will swell and cause pain at times without warning. A big part of fitness requires the repeated use of legs for cardio and weight training, so fighting through the constant, nagging pain has been my biggest challenge by far.

My daughter tells me she’s proud of me for what I’ve done, which keeps my fire burning and my motivation to succeed at the top of my mind. The rest of my family and friends tell me that they’re impressed with my success and whenever they ask for direction on how they too can see results I point them directly to

Just do it!! Don’t wait until next Monday, or next month, or the next New Year. Take the plunge and do it now. Start with small habit changes. Go for a walk every day and change your diet gradually. Start performing light workouts to acclimate the muscles to training. Stay consistent!!!! Make small goals that are attainable with a bigger picture goal in mind.

Go to and read up on Dieting 101 then choose a program that fits within your physical constraints.

Find a workout partner and/or join a fitness challenge to hold yourself accountable.

Results don’t happen overnight so stick with it. Give yourself 30 days to notice a physical change and don’t get down on yourself if results don’t happen immediately. Take progress photos to track your progression. On days that you feel frustrated, look back at where you began and be thankful for where you are now.

Persistence and being consistent are the most important factors to a fit mind and body. Go to the gym or for that walk, especially when you don’t want to. Find motivation from within for yourself, your spouse, your pet, or for whatever it is that will give you the spirit to succeed on your journey.

I plan to continue my journey by maintaining a healthy and active lifestyle as part of the JYMArmy and crushing one goal at a time. My current goal is to complete the 2022 Holiday Shred Challenge, as well as all the Jim Stoppani Challenges for 2022, and see how far my physique can improve.

In the future, I may seek education in both nutrition and personal training in pursuit of helping others achieve their fitness goals.

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