Bullied as a kid for being overweight, he changed his life through fitness and is helping others.

Noah's Bio

Like many people, Noah Williams’ fitness journey got off to a rough start. As a youngster, he was bullied at school for being overweight and his health was going south. Then, he found the weight room, and it changed his life.

To see him now (@highrepsfortoning), you’d never guess he came from humble beginnings. He’s strong, shredded, and confident, and he’s sharing everything he’s learned as a fitness coach to show others how to find success in their own lives.

Below, Noah talks about his goals going forward as well as his favorite JYM products for gaining size and strength.

Personal Stats

  • Age: 27
  • Height: 5'11"
  • Weight: 235lbs
  • Residence: Dallas, TX

Q&A With Noah Williams

What got you into fitness in the first place?
What were some of the biggest challenges in your fitness journey?
What's your #1 tip for those who want to make a transformation?
Why did you choose the JYM Supplement line over all of the other options out there?
What are your goals going forward?

Noah's Favorite Products

Post JYM BCAAs+ Recovery Matrix - Blue Arctic Freeze
Pro JYM Protein Blend - Cookies & Cream