My interview with JYM Army member Justin Kamb on one of the tools he used to drop 100 pounds – Shred JYM.

So many people have used my Shred JYM fat burner with GREAT results. And as I’ve mentioned over and over, Shred JYM WORKS – but it’s NOT magic. There’s no such thing as a magic fat burner.

That said, I asked JYM Army general Justin Kamb a few questions on his Shred JYM experiences. After all, he’s been taking it year-round since I launched the product in 2014. Here’s our interview…

Justin, how long did it take for you to notice results with Shred JYM?

Justin: As you’ve mentioned many times, Jim, it’s not a magic pill. That being said, after 1 full bottle, I started to see additional fat loss, more energy, and feeling fuller longer. Most people eat when they’re bored [Justin lost over 100 pounds with my training programs, meal plans, and supplements], and Shred JYM really helps in that area to keep you from overeating.

Have you ever had any issues with Shred JYM?

Justin: Not at all. It’s extremely easy on the body. I’ve never stopped using or cycled Shred JYM because it’s such a good, clean product that it continues to help me stay lean year-round.

Do you find Shred JYM to be effective only for fat loss?

Justin: No. Like I said, I take it year-round. My focus could be fat loss, which we know Shred JYM is great for. But when my focus is mass gaining, I’m still taking Shred JYM. It helps me stay lean while packing on size, as well as aiding in my recovery. Green tea extract and acetyl-l-carnitine can help aid recovery, right? I remember a video you did years ago covering that.

Anything else you want to add?

All I can say is, you have to experience it for yourself. I’m 1,000% aware that everyone says they have the best this or that, but Shred JYM is the REAL DEAL. I’ve lost over 100 pounds with JYM supplements and programs. Shred JYM was KEY for me.

I’ve run the gauntlet of fat burners and most of them were more like laxatives and overdosed stimulants. Shred JYM is clean and effective. Not magic, but damn good. If you need help maximizing fat loss, having more energy throughout the day with no crash, and a clean fat burner that actually works, I highly recommend Shred JYM!

Thanks, Justin. Real people getting UNREAL RESULTS. That’s JYM Supplement Science!