“This Can’t Be Good For Me, Especially At My Age"

“This Can’t Be Good For Me, Especially At My Age"

Feeling both scared and frustrated with low-quality fitness advice, J. Carrell’s discovery of Jimstoppani.com and JYM Supplement Science led to his ultimate transformation.

Random Pre-Workouts Made it Feel Like My Heart Was Going to Explode

I was around 40 years old experimenting with different pre-workouts at the time. I remember meeting my workout buddy one morning and talking about how I had no idea what I was putting in my body with the latest pre-workout that we were both taking.

We were laughing at the moment, but I felt like my heart was going to explode, and all I could think about was, “this can’t be good for me, especially at my age”.

My Supplement Use Was Off & On For Many Years

Any supplements I did use I only used sporadically and never took the time to really dive into the science behind what I was taking.

There was no education and certainly no consistency. Honestly, I’ve taken a lot of pre-workouts back in the day that made my skin crawl… that made me want to run through a wall.

Programs & Supplements From Jim Stoppani Made All The Difference

It was shortly after all this that I made the switch to Pre JYM. JYM supplements were just different. The education, the thoughtfulness, the science, the transparency. I knew what it was, I knew the ingredients, and for the first time I felt like I was taking something that was good for me, as opposed to something that just made me feel good. It was a snowball effect after that, as I switched to the entire JYM line for all my supplement needs and took pride in educating myself and educating others.

Over the past five years, I feel like I’ve been truly supplementing the right way and putting myself in an optimal position to achieve the fitness goals I desire. This goes beyond supplementation, but I view fitness like baking a cake. You can bake a cake that tastes pretty good, but it doesn’t have the ability to be great unless you measure all the ingredients properly and bake it in the way to make it optimal.

It Didn’t Stop With Supplements

Not only did I realize the education I was lacking from a supplemental standpoint before JYM supplements, but once I got started with the supplements I dug in deep to utilize all the other resources Dr. Stoppani had to offer.

Jim Stoppani goes so far beyond the supplements. I tell people all the time to just Google a topic and his name if you want to learn more about that specific topic in a factual, research-based way. Heck, I do it myself all the time. My doctor told me last year to start taking vitamin D. I got home and googled “vitamin D and Jim Stoppani” and BOOM…I learned a ton about why, how, and when to use vitamin D. And that’s just one of many examples. It really is the total package, and it’s made all the difference in my fitness life. I owe a lot to this brand.

I Don’t Plan On Stopping Any Time Soon

The day I settle is the day I’ll allow myself to slip. I’ll settle when I’m physically unable to exercise. Until then, I always want to challenge myself to get better or to maintain.

I’m content to a certain extent. I don’t have specific body-fat or weight goals, I just want to maintain. But if I have the ability to work my ass off and truly compete with myself...that desire to do so....I want to do it—and do it with passion.

Even as a kid, I always wanted to do what they said I couldn’t do. Now, I just want to look younger and do it naturally through hard work, proper nutrition, supplementation, and programs. Jim Stoppani and JYM Supplement Science have made that possible for me.