Essential Stack

Pre JYM, Pro JYM, Dieting 101 (FREE)

If you’re looking to build a great physique you already know that intense, consistent workouts and an intelligent high-protein nutrition plan are keys to success. This emphasis on next-level workout performance plus our premium blend of isolated proteins to extend your anabolic window are the foundation of the JYM Essentials Stack. This exclusive stack includes two of our most award-winning products, Pre JYM to fuel your most intense workouts and Pro JYM the highest-quality, most delicious way to hit your daily protein goals.

This Stack Provides

• A great value on your most essential sports nutrition products: a 10% savings on the supplement bundle, plus a free Dieting 101 e-book ($29.95 value).
• Nutritional guidance, meals plans, and supplements in one complete package – one-stop shopping for a better physique and better overall health.
• More intense, productive workouts with a true performance pre-workout.*
• More muscle through an ideal blend of fast-, medium-, and slow-digesting proteins and amino acids shown to boost muscle protein synthesis (MPS).*
• The end of confusing fad diets that promise gains but are impossible to stick to.
• Lean muscle gains to go along with your fat loss for a more muscular physique.*


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