Convenient bags and a new formula that’s ideal for those with food allergies represent the latest evolution of the best protein powder in the industry.

Pro JYM has been your go-to protein powder for years, and now you’re going to like it even more! Also, it now comes in bags, which are more practical than tubs, and the formula has been tweaked to remove egg protein from the product so that more people are able to reap the muscle-building benefits of Pro JYM.

Better in Bags

Storing your Pro JYM protein powder just got easier with our brand-new resealable foil bags that will replace plastic tubs for all flavors and sizes (both 2 lbs and 4 lbs). Those who used Pro JYM back when it first launched nearly a decade ago recall the plastic zip-lock bags we used – these new bags are even better than those.

Here are the features of the new Pro JYM bags:

  • No-spill technology that uses an air-tight resealable closing mechanism to keep your Pro JYM mess-free and staying fresh.
  • Flat-bottom construction to keep the bags standing up straight on your counter and in your cabinets without tipping over, regardless of how much or how little protein powder is in them.
  • The bags’ side gussets make it easier to scoop out the protein without making a mess.
  • Bags take up less space in your kitchen than plastic tubs – especially as you use them and the volume of powder decreases.
  • Bags are more practical for traveling, as they take up less space in your luggage than plastic tubs.

No More Eggs

JYM Supplement Science and its flagship product Pre JYM have won the following consumer awards – and many more – since launching in 2013:

  • 4-time Pre Workout of the Year (Pre JYM)
  • 2021 Supplement Kings Canada Pre Workout of the Year (Pre JYM)
  • 3-time Brand of the Year (JYM)
  • GNC New Brand of the Year (JYM)

The Power of Amino Acids

Anyone with egg allergies (like myself) can now get back to taking Pro JYM, as I’ve removed egg white protein from the formula. We’re currently dealing with a chicken egg shortage, which is another reason I took egg out of Pro JYM.

But don’t worry, removing egg doesn’t compromise the formula in the least. You’re still getting both fast- (whey) and slow-digesting (casein) proteins to maximize protein synthesis in the body. Egg protein served as a medium-digesting protein source, but there were only 2.5 grams of it per scoop, so removing it won’t make a noticeable difference.

The new Pro JYM formula is comprised of roughly 60% casein and 40% whey, which is an ideal ratio for building lean muscle mass.

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