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Look great inside the gym and out with JYM shirts, tanks, and hats

JYM Apparel

Accessorize your active lifestyle with BlenderBottle® shakers and great JYM swag

JYM Army Shaker Bottle!


Rest Easy and Recover Fully with ZMA JYM

Finish your day with ZMA JYM to boost recovery and sleep tight!
  • Fat-Burner
  • Shred JYM

Shred JYM: The Fat Burner that Actually Works

My interview with JYM Army member Justin Kamb on one of the tools he used to drop 100 pounds – Shred JYM.

High-Protein Strawberry Ice Cream with JYM Bar Topping

Strawberry Milk Pro JYM, a JYM Bar and low-calorie ice cream make for a delicious, macro-friendly dessert.
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Ashley Goldstein

Ashley Goldstein

JYM Supplement Science has changed my life and my fitness goals. I’ve already reached goals that I never thought I’d be able to reach with all of my health issues. Thank you, Jim, and thank you JYM for helping me get in the best shape of my life!

J Carrell

J Carrell

If someone out there is looking for help, courage, motivation, accountability, or a fitness community, step out of your comfort zone (like I did), join the JYM Army Facebook group, perhaps post a picture, and let all the amazing JYM Army peeps help carry you in your efforts.

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What is JYM Supplement Science?

Learn about JYM's mission to deliver quality ingredient combinations in effective amounts to optimize your nutrition, health, and overall results. – The Ultimate Guide to Your Goals

Let Jim Stoppani be your personal trainer with hundreds of workout programs, custom meal plans, articles, videos, and more.

Dr. Jim Stoppani posing

About Dr. Jim Stoppani

From his days at UCONN and Yale to his tenure as Senior Science Editor at Muscle & Fitness and beyond, Jim Stoppani has taught millions how to successfully change their lives for the better through fitness.

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