The 5-Minute Flow

I know many of you listen to Jim talk about his 30/60 Rule all of the time. In this blog, I want to delve into the concept of moving more throughout your day a little further. I don’t want to focus on just moving more, though – but rather, thinking about moving your joints more as well.

Get Into the (5-Minute) Flow

I like to tell people to set an alarm for every 25 minutes while at work, and then set a timer for 5 minutes and do some type of movement that flows while focusing on moving each of your joints. This has been coined as a #5minuteflow.

Let’s get into exactly what I mean by the flow, as well as thinking about moving all of your joints. Here’s one example of how to do it:

  • Start in a deep lunge position.
  • From there, do some thoracic rotations to loosen up the spine.
  • Then, drop your back knee and reach your arms up to stretch your hip flexors.
  • Next, go into a downward dog for a nice hamstring and calf stretch.
  • Think about moving each part of your body – do some shoulder abduction/adduction exercises, then some neck and ankle rotations.

You see the pattern? You can literally do anything that feels good for you. You can focus on places where you’re “tight” and do some deep, diaphragmatic breaths while you hold that position. You can do some air squats, push-ups, etc., as long as you keep the flow moving for 5 minutes straight.

With this method, not only will you be getting more movement in throughout your day, but you’ll be gaining some mobility as well. You’ll also be breaking up your work day and “clearing your head” periodically so that you can go right back at in a freshened state for the next 25 minutes of work.

I like to do a 5-minute flow in the morning right when I wake up. Most people wake up, check their phones, make coffee, and sit down…and then they go to work to sit down some more.

If you wake up and do a 5-minute flow, you’ll be moving your joints first thing, which will help prime your body for a workout that morning or later in the day. (It will help even more if you’re doing the 5 minutes of moving periodically like I suggested above 😊).

Over time, this will become a habit. And a damn good one at that. I guarantee you’ll feel 10 times better throughout your day by starting your day with movement. It’s not hard to move more, but it takes effort.

Effort is a choice – make the right one! If you do, you’ll see improvements in your body composition, your workouts, and your life in general!

Good luck, girls!

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