Supplement Round-Up: Beta-Alanine (Pre-Workout)

In the body, beta-alanine, whether from the liver or ingested from food or supplements is taken up by the muscle fibers and combines with the amino acid histidine to form the dipeptide (two amino acid protein) carnosine. It is carnosine that provides all the benefits associated with beta-alanine, which include greater strength and power, better endurance, and even greater fat loss and muscle growth, as numerous studies now show.

Carnosine works by increasing the muscle’s buffering capacity of hydrogen (H+) ions, which are produced when lactic acid levels rise during intense exercises, such as weight training.

This increases the muscle’s ability to maintain stronger contractions for longer during exercise. In other words, you can lift more weight and complete more reps during the later stages of your workouts. And this ability leads to greater gains in strength and power, as well as muscle mass, while also promoting greater fat loss.

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