Summer Pec Pump Workout


Time for the summer workout the guys have all been waiting for: a pec pump workout! πŸ˜‰

Ladies, training pecs is just as useful and beneficial for us – don’t skip chest day!

JYM Girl Pec Pump Workout

Bench Press – as follows…

  • 1st set: 1 x 10; pause each rep on the chest
  • 2nd set: 1 x 8; 3-second eccentric on each rep
  • 3rd set: 1 x 6; pause each rep on the chest
  • 4th set, 1 x 5; 3 second eccentric for each rep
  • 5th set: 1 x AMRAP (as many reps as possible) with the weight you used on the first set; regular rep at a regular tempo

Single-Arm Incline Dumbbell Bench Press – 4 x 10 per arm
Dips – 3 x failure
Low-Pulley Cable Crossover– 3 x 12-15
Push-Ups – 3 x failure

As you can see, you’ll be performing your bench press sets with some unique intensity techniques.

On the first and third sets you’ll be pausing each rep on your chest. This is similar to how powerlifters bench press in competition. Make sure to keep your lats tight as you pause the reps so the weight stays tight on your chest. Don’t lose tightness in your lats and let the weight collapse on your chest; you’ll lose gas really quickly with these.

The second and fourth sets you’ll be doing eccentric reps. The eccentric portion of the lift is the lowering phase. When you lower the weight to your chest, you’ll be counting to three each time, then exploding the weight back up to the starting position.

On the last set, you’ll do each rep at a regular speed with no pausing or tempo work. Do as many reps as possible. and make sure you have a spotter.

For the next exercise (single-arm incline dumbbell bench press), you’ll set the bench at about a 30-degree angle to make it slightly inclined. You’ll only perform 10 reps, one arm at a time, without holding a weight in the opposite side. You’ll definitely feel your core work during this one to help stabilize yourself on the bench.

With dips, If you can’t perform the exercise with your own body weight, do negatives instead. To do these, assist yourself during the concentric portion of the dip, then slowly lower yourself into the bottom position of the dip before jumping back up to the starting position.

The last two exercises – low-pulley cable crossovers and push-ups – are to be performed as supersets – perform the moves back-to-back without resting, then rest a minute or so between supersets.

Get ready for a super pump with this one! Good luck, ladies!

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