Summer Core and Conditioning Blast

The final installment of my Summer Shred Workout series ends with a bang! Core work plus conditioning.

Sound like fun??? Let’s go!

JYM Girl Summer Shred Core and Conditioning Workout

4 rounds:
Sled Push x 30 seconds
Hanging Leg Raise or Toes to Bar (for more advanced) x 10 reps

4 rounds:
Row 250 meters
Unilateral Farmers Walk x 20 seconds per side

4 rounds:
Box Jump x10 reps
Back Extension x 20 reps

3 rounds:
Sprint x 60 meters or Jump Rope x 60 seconds
Hollow Hold x 30 seconds (if you can’t get 30 seconds, go as long as you can)

If you don’t’ have access to a sled, you can substitute tire flips or find another heavy object you can push for 30 sec 😊.

For the unilateral farmers walk, grab a dumbbell or kettlebell and hold it in either your left or right hand, and simply walk for 20 seconds. Make sure you have good posture throughout.

For the back extensions, you’re going to have to use the back-extension machine; or, if you want, you can substitute these for supermans on the ground.

When performing a hollow hold, lay on the ground and think about driving your lower back into the ground the entire time. Extend your arms behind you, lift your legs (while extended), and just hold yourself there.

This is a great workout for hitting some “cardio” and making you feel strong and athletic. And it might ever burn a few calories, too. 😉

Hope your summer has been a great one!

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