Summer Arm Day Workout

Okay, this is the workout you’ve all been waiting for, right?! Arm Day! 😊 Here’s a great routine to bang out this summer for better guns. It’s all supersets, so it will be both intense and time-efficient – a great combination!

JYM Girl Summer Shred Arm Day

A1. Close-Grip Bench Press – 4 x 6-8 reps
A2. Barbell Curl – 4 x 6-8
B1. Dumbbell Lying Triceps Extension – 3×15 (3-second eccentric)
B2. Incline Dumbbell Curl – 3 x 15 (3-second eccentric)
C1. Triceps Pushdown – 2-3 x 10 (pause at the top of each rep – the seconds will depend on what rep you are on; see below details)
C2. Cable Hammer Curl (with rope) – 2-3 x 10 (pause at the top of each rep – the seconds will depend on what rep you are on)

This workout is pretty straightforward. Each triceps and biceps move will be supersetted (performing the two exercises back to back – A1 supersetted with A2, B1 with B2, C1 with C2).

For the first superset (close-grip bench press and barbell curl), go as heavy as you can for the number of reps prescribed.

On the second superset (lying triceps extension and incline curl), you’ll be performing a three-second eccentric for each rep. This means you’ll do the lowering portion of the lift for three seconds on every rep. Lower the weight nice and slow!

For the third superset (triceps pushdown and cable hammer curl), you’re going to pause each rep for both exercises dependent on the number of rep you are on.

For example, on the first rep, pause one second at the top; second rep, pause two seconds; third rep, pause three seconds; and so on until you get to the 10th rep, where you’re pausing for 10 seconds. Good luck with these – they’re going to burn!

Good luck with this guns workout!

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