Shred JYM Saves You Money!

Now that my non-proprietary, fully-dosed, fat-burner Shred JYM is available, you may have noticed how cheap you can get it. Each bottle of Shred JYM provides 60 servings (one serving = 6 capsules, so that’s a total of 240 capsules per bottle) and is sold at for just $34.76. That’s just 58 cents per serving! All of the other well-known fat burners sold at cost far more per serving than Shred JYM. Some are almost double the cost!

What’s really amazing about the price of Shred JYM compared to the other fat burners is that Shred JYM provides a dose of 2,770 mg per serving. All the other fat burners are anywhere from 1/2 to 1/5 the dose (some even much smaller), yet they charge you more. Plus, most of these underdosed fat burners are proprietary blends. So you don’t even know if you are getting an effective dose of any of the active ingredients in them. I take that back: If a fat burner is a proprietary blend and doesn’t list the dose of every single ingredient in the bottle, then you can be certain that you are NOT getting an effective dose of any of the ingredients. So the truth is that the other supplement brands are charging you more for less.

Let me break down the ingredients and doses in Shred JYM. If you know my supplement advice on fat-burning ingredients, then you will quickly realize that the Shred JYM ingredients and doses are based upon my longstanding recommendations that have been proven to work and be safe for many years for millions of people.

Each 6-capsule (2770 mg) serving of Shred JYM provides:

  • 1500 mg (1.5 grams) of Acetyl-L-Carnitine
  • 500 mg of green tea extract (45% EGCG)
  • 500 mg L-Tyrosine
  • 200 mg caffeine
  • 50 mg CapsiMax® Cayenne Pepper Extract (300,000 Scoville Heat Units)
  • 20 mg AdvantraZ® Synephrine

Compare that formula to ANY fat burner on the market. If you are educated about supplement ingredients and know what the proper doses should be of each ingredient, you will immediately understand that there is not a single fat burner on the market that is even in the same league as Shred JYM. And as I already mentioned, my Shred JYM formula is simply the single ingredients I have long recommended to take for fat burning, at the doses that I recommend them at, stacked together for your convenience. So you know that the formula has already been proven to be safe and effective for millions of people.

Shred JYM not only makes my fat burning recommendations more convenient, but it also saves you a lot of money as compared to if you put these ingredients together on your own, as many of you have been doing. I used the largest size bottles available (which lessens the cost per serving of each ingredient). And I will note that the only cayenne pepper extract and synephrine that I found are far lower quality than the patented forms of each of these ingredients that I used in Shred JYM. The CapsiMax cayenne pepper that I use provides 300,00 Scoville Heat Units (SHU) while the version I found at only provides 40,000 SHU. That means it provides only a fraction of the effectiveness of the cayenne pepper extract in Shred JYM.  Since red pepper extract is dosed in SHUs and not grams or milligrams, the dose of cayenne pepper in Shred JYM is over 7 times more effective.

When you add up each ingredient above to make your own home version of Shred JYM, it costs you 76 cents per serving. That means that 60 servings will cost you $45.60 for a lesser quality product that you have to take from 6 different bottles.  Compare that to 58 cents per serving of Shred JYM, which costs a total of $34.76 for a 60-serving bottle. And your significant other, or roommate, will thank you for replacing 6 different bottles from your kitchen counter or cabinet with just 1 bottle. Superior quality, effectiveness, safety, convenience, and savings all in one! That is what my JYM Supplement Science is all about