Muscle-Building Nutrition 101 Digital eBook


Optimize Your Nutrition for Leaner, More Muscular Results (Muscle Building Stack eBook)


Optimize Your Nutrition for Leaner, More Muscular Results

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Muscle-Building Nutrition 101 Downloadable Digital eBook

Optimize Your Nutrition for Leaner, More Muscular Results

Whether you’re just starting out on the path to building more muscle, a hard-gainer struggling to get the results you want from your training, or a fitness veteran who’s tired of sacrificing hard-earned muscle gains while leaning out, Muscle-Building Nutrition 101 will teach you a better way to reach your mass-gaining goals.

Muscle-Building Nutrition 101 puts an end to the old “bulk and cut” approach to gaining muscle mass. In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn 9 simple rules that anyone can use to create a personalized nutrition plan that does more to help you pack on more muscle mass without packing on pounds of unwanted fat.

The Muscle-Building Nutrition 101 template features sample meal plans—including supplements—that can be customized based on your daily schedule, what time of day you train, and food preferences. This plan is the dietary foundation that tens of thousands of JYM Army members have followed alongside my programs to achieve and maintain significant lean muscle growth.

Mike Voorhees

"Jim’s Muscle-Building Nutrition has been a game-changer in gaining lean mass and size. Not only are these rules easy to follow, but they also allow for a balanced diet. You can eat the foods you enjoy while seeing results too!"

Len Carpio

"I started my fitness journey using Jim's workout and nutrition programs. When I reached my weight loss goals, there was no question as to the best way to make some gains: his Muscle Building Nutrition Rules. I can’t express enough how pleased I am with the results!"

Key features of Muscle-Building Nutrition 101:

• 9 simple guidelines that walk you step-by-step through the process of creating your own individualized plan for growing lean muscle mass

• Adaptable macro scheme that factors not only your current conditioning and needs but also your progress as your nutrition and training continue delivering results

• Sample menus that serve as easily-adjustable examples of a daily diet that’s optimized for muscle-building potential

• Flexible meal timing options based on what time of day you train: first thing in the morning, afternoon (lunchtime), after work (evening), or after dinner/late night