Dieting 101 Digital eBook


The definitive nutritional guide to getting – and staying – lean.


The definitive nutritional guide to getting – and staying – lean.

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Dieting 101 Fat Loss Nutrition Downloadable Digital eBook

The definitive nutritional guide to getting – and staying – lean.

Dieting 101 exposes the one fatal flaw of trendy low-carb diets like Keto and Atkins: dropping carbohydrates too far, too soon. With Dieting 101, the goal is actually to eat as many carbs as possible while still losing body fat. And then, when fat loss plateaus, to reduce carb intake just enough to get it going again.

Other low-carb plans tell you to cut carbs cold turkey—Dieting 101 will show you not only why that’s a bad approach, but why keeping carbs relatively high at the start of your diet is actually more effective for fat loss.

Whatever your starting point, you’ll learn optimal macronutrient ratios and how to gradually reduce carbs for continual fat loss. The easy-to-follow Dieting 101 template includes sample meal plans, including supplements, that can be customized based on your daily schedule, what time of day you train, and food preferences. This plan is the dietary foundation that tens of thousands of JYM Army members have followed daily to lose fat—and keep it off—long-term.

Steve Ngo

“I swear dieting 101 is the bible for nutrition. It is so simple to understand with so much flexibility. It is designed for you to be able to play around with the macros and the possibilities are unlimited.”

Katie Marema

“Before Dieting 101, I would just google random meals. I had no clue what I was doing, I was just eating to eat. I thought "healthy" was around 1200 calories. I was exhausted! Dieting 101 gave me a clear idea what a functional diet looks like. I never have to starve myself again!”

Key features of Dieting 101:

• Simple 8-step process you follow at your own pace, based on your individual progress. When you hit a fat loss plateau in the diet, move to the next step; if you’re still seeing results, stay where you’re at

• Carb-friendly eating schedule that allows you to eat food favorites like bread and pasta, plus one high-carb, all-out cheat day per week—while still dropping body fat!

• Flexible meal timing options based on what time of day you train: first thing in the morning, afternoon (lunchtime), after work (evening), or after dinner/late night

• Macronutrient calculator that lets you easily adjust serving sizes for any meal and keep your plan tailored to your bodyweight

• Interactive “food swap” function that lets you replace foods you don’t like for foods you love without throwing off your macros.