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Fat Loss Stack

Fat Loss Stack

Shred JYM, Omega JYM, Pro JYM (4 lbs.)
Shred JYM
Omega JYM
Pro JYM 4lb
Fat Loss Stack Dieting 101- Digital eBook
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JYM Ultimate Fat Loss Stack

Shred JYM, Omega JYM, Pro JYM (4 lbs.), Dieting 101 fat loss nutrition digital ebook

When it comes to supporting fat loss and maintaining lean muscle having the right diet and the right supplements can make all the difference. By working in precise ways, the combination of Shred JYM, Pro JYM, and Omega JYM work together and to help you lose unsightly body fat, get beach ready, or get dialed-in for *.

But that’s not all…

When it comes to food, the JYM Ultimate Fat Loss Stack also includes Dieting 101 – the fool-proof plan that has helped tens of thousands of men and women get lean and stay lean by telling you what and when to eat at each meal.

This stack provides:

• Exclusive savings for the ultimate in fat-burning sports nutrition: a $23 savings between the supplement bundle discount and free ebook ($13 value).
• A revolutionary total body transformation system complete with award-winning supplements and science-backed nutritional guidance*
• An effective fat-burner to help increase caloric expenditure and curb appetite*
• The perfect protein blend to support building and maintain lean muscle for lasting fat loss*
• Pure and potent healthy fats to activate genes that burn and keep body fat off*
• The result-proven eating plan that has helped tens of thousands of men and women get lean and stay

JYM Ultimate Fat Loss Stack Product Overviews

Shred JYM

Shred JYM is a fully-dosed fat burner designed to facilitate fat loss through three distinct mechanisms within the body: (1) It works to release more fat from fat cells; (2) it helps transport more of that released fat into the mitochondria, where it can be burned as fuel; and (3) Shred JYM further encourages fat loss by raising the metabolic rate so that more of that freed up and transported fat is burned away for good*.

Shred JYM is a fully dosed formula, designed for both men and women, that can help you lose those last stubborn pounds of bodyfat – or those first pounds!

Omega JYM

Fish oil doesn’t just support heart health and anti-inflammatory benefits – it’s also important for aiding fat loss. A recent study found that the omega-3 fats from fish oil turned on genes that regulate fat burning by the body and aid in glucose uptake by the muscles, while turning off genes that led to fat storage*.

Omega JYM provides full 1,500-mg doses of both omega-3 fats eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and docosahexaenoic acid (DHA), as well as 300 mg of the third critical omega-3 (docosapentaenoic acid, DPA for short), in only four capsules a day.


A protein powder in a fat loss stack? Absolutely! While protein is obviously needed for boosting muscle growth, it also aids fat burning. Research shows that high-protein diets can spur greater fat loss than higher-carb-based diets*. In one landmark study from 2016, subjects consuming 1.5 grams of protein per pound of bodyweight per day lost an average of five pounds more body fat over an 8-week period than those consuming 1 gram per pound, despite taking in an additional 500 calories per day!

These results are likely due to two main reasons: (1) the higher boost in metabolism that higher-protein meals cause, and (2) the fact that higher protein intake can spur greater muscle protein synthesis, which is a calorie-burning process. In other words, you burn more body fat as you build more muscle.

Dieting 101 Fat Loss Nutrition ebook

Dieting 101 is the definitive nutritional guide to getting – and staying – lean. Whatever your starting point, you’ll learn optimal macronutrient ratios (how many proteins, carbs and fats to eat per meal) and how to gradually reduce carbs for continual fat loss. The easy-to-follow Dieting 101 template includes sample meals plans, including supplements, that can be customized based on your daily schedule, what time of day you train, and food preferences. This is literally the dietary foundation that thousands of JYM Army members follow daily to lose fat and keep it off for the long-term.

How to Use This Stack

For best results, take the three JYM products daily according to the below guidelines.



Mix 1-2 scoops within 30 minutes before workouts.
Tip: Consider adding Pre JYM to your pre-workout routine so you can push through longer, more intense workouts in the gym.*



Mix 1-2 scoops in 6-12 oz. of water or milk per scoop within 30 minutes after training.
Tip: Consider adding Post JYM BCAAs+ Recovery Matrix to help you bounce back faster from intense workouts.

Rest of
the Day

Shred JYM

Take one serving of Shred JYM once per day, with or without food.
Tip: Don’t take Shred JYM within 6 hours of bedtime.

Omega JYM

Take four softgels per day, with food.
Tip: You can either take the four capsules all at once with the meal of your choice, or split it up into two 2-capsule doses.


Consider taking 1-2 scoops when you first wake up in the morning, before going to bed, and/or between meals.

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