Organic vs Grass-fed Protein Powders

If you prefer to use grass-fed whey protein powder for ethical reasons, then, by all means, fork out a little extra cash for the stuff. If, however, you think it’ll offer up superior health benefits, or you’re concerned about antibiotics and hormones, your money may be going to waste.

First, you need to consider what exactly makes milk from grass-fed cows better for you. It’s the fat! Organically raised, grass-fed cows have higher amounts of the all-important and essential Omega-3 fats, conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), and vitamin E (a fat-soluble vitamin) than their grain-fed counterparts and these nutrients are found in the milk fat.

But the protein is processed to isolate the protein from the carbs and the fat. In fact, a quality protein has close to 100 percent of the fat removed. This means that if a protein-powder manufacturer is using protein from organic milk, nearly all of the extra omega-3 fats, CLA, and vitamin E have been removed during the manufacturing process anyway!

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