Mission Statement

Jim_Lab_Weider_pose_copyI want to take this time to make a few points to those who are members of my site, and/or follow me on a regular basis on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, or Instagram, and for those who are just generally listening. First, I want to thank you. Thank you for your trust. Thank you or your loyalty. Thank you for your willingness to allow me to be the front man in the fitness and supplement industry who will challenge those that would otherwise take advantage of your trust and your wallet.

One of the many reasons why I started JYM Supplement Science, aside from just wanting to make supplements for myself that I could fully trust, was to set a standard for those other companies who have been duping you and outright lying to you and me for years. Even more recently, it seems that everywhere I turn another company is in some legal feud for putting dangerous or banned substances in their products and/or lying on the nutritional facts panel, all for the sake of saving a few dollars so that they can make more money. This fuels me even more to fight like hell to make sure that you have a place to turn to and someone who you can truly trust in and rely on to provide you safe and effective supplements and advice. I am not someone who is trying to simply compete with the market and sell products.  Just like you, I am a consumer who wants to get results from the hard work I put in at the gym and who cares about what I put in my body. I always knew what supplements to take and the proper doses to take them at. Yet no company out there ever formulated a product that had all that was needed in that one product. That is why for years I have had to recommend taking specific single ingredients at the proper doses backed by research in order to get real results. And this worked very well. But the problem with this advice was that you had to buy multiple products, which would cost more money than most would care to spend and it was so many bottles of different products that it would take up all the space in people’s cabinets and counters. Plus, it was inconvenient to mix all these separate ingredients into one drink and it was far from being palatable. So I created my own all-in-one formulas, Pre JYM, Post JYM, Pro JYM and others to come. Now after my experience with being on this side of the supplement industry and seeing how some companies cut corners with proprietary blends, concentrates and abbreviated formulas, not to mention the other tactics that many use to formulate products, I am proud to say that those tactics will never be a route that JYM Supplement Science will ever take.

Every single one of my JYM products, including my Pro JYM protein powder, lists the dose of every single ingredient. That’s because I want you to know how much of everything you are taking. Plus, I am damn proud that I included each ingredient at an effective dose as proven in the laboratory and in the real lab, the gym. And all the ingredients used in JYM products are of the highest quality and not from some questionable discount source. Each formula used in every one of my JYM products is based on my own research over several decades to determine what ingredients work best together to produce the optimal results.

The Future and My Prediction

What I expect to see and what you will more than likely start seeing from other companies will be a sudden push for products with non-proprietary blends and “science backed” claims being made. This is a good thing and is precisely one of the reasons why I hope JYM supplement Science is the standard that all seek to follow when formulating their products. However, at the same time that is what also concerns me about the future of the supplement industry. I don’t just want companies to follow suit and start their marketing of “the next best non-proprietary formula” because they saw that it was successful for me to do so, and figure that they can make money doing that as well. Because then these non-proprietary products will still be either underdosed and/or abbreviated formulas with the critical ingredients still missing. That is not true integrity and honesty. That is not being fully transparent with their products. I want them to follow suit the right way and make non-proprietary products that use all the necessary ingredients at the proper doses and with quality ingredients that are safe and effective.

A recent story

Let me tell you about an email I recently received from a JYM customer asking me to do a video comparing Pre JYM to another preworkout product that was also non-proprietary. Obviously, I can’t do such a thing without fear of being sued. In fact, there are several companies that want nothing more than for me and JYM Supplement Science to go away.  I can’t name the company or the product, but this company claimed that this was THE preworkout to use because it was formulated with no shortcuts and done the right way. At first I was hopeful, but then after further investigation I was appalled by the actual supplement facts panel on the label. The product requires 2 scoops to deliver the 23 gram serving size. Yet 9 of those 23 grams come from carbs. So that means that this product is really only 14 grams of active ingredients per serving. Yes, it is a non-proprietary formula with all doses of every ingredient listed. However, the ingredients are grossly underdosed. In this preworkout product  there are 2.5 grams of arginine in the 2-scoop serving, which is not only inadequate, but we now know that citrulline is a far better NO booster than arginine. Plus, arginine gives many people stomach issues.

There are also only 2 grams of creatine monohydrate per 2-scoop serving in this product, which is also inadequate. You need 5 grams of the monohydrate form of creatine preworkout and postworkout. And creatine monohydrate is another ingredient that is notorious for causing stomach issues. That is one of many reasons why I have 2 grams of creatine HCL in Pre JYM and not monohydrate. Plus 2 grams is the dose needed for creatine HCL due to it’s almost 70% better absorption than monohydrate. Maybe since I am promoting 2 grams as the effective dose of creatine HCL, they are hoping that they can fool others into thinking that dose also works for creatine monohydrate. This unnamed preworkout product also has only 1 gram of beta-alanine in that 2-scoop! That is also way under the required dose for this ingredient.

Next let me tell you about the dusting of BCAAs used in this preworkout product that I can not name. There were only 900 mg! That is not even 1 gram of BCAAs. Why would they go with 900 mg of BCAAs instead of adding an extra 100 mg to make it 1 gram? It’s likely because 900 is a much bigger number than 1 and most consumers aren’t really that aware of the units of grams (g) versus milligrams (mg). So even though 900 mg is 0.9 grams, it sounds more impressive as 900 mg to the uneducated consumer. But compare that 0.9 grams of BCAAs to the 6 grams of BCAAs in Pre JYM.

Another ingredient that is grossly underdosed in this product is citrulline malate. It only includes 250 mg of citrulline malate! That is 1/4 of a gram or 0.25 grams! Pre JYM has 6 grams of citrulline malate, which is the effective dose supported in several research studies and in the gym. That is almost 25 times the dose used in this other product! Plus, my citrulline malate is a 2:1 ratio of citrulline to malate. That means that there are 4 grams of citrulline to 2 grams of the malate (malic acid). Using only 250 mg of citruline malate is a true example of dusting. Much like with the BCAAs. That means that companies put only a tiny dusting of an ingredient into a product just to be able to list it on the supplement facts panel. In this case they stupidly uncovered their own dusting by actually listing the pathetic dose on the label. I guess they were hoping that consumers wouldn’t be educated enough to realize the 250 mg of citrulline malate is not anywhere near enough for it to be effective. The same can be said about the 900 mg of BCAAs. A mere dusting! There is also only 10mcg of huperzine versus the 50 mcg that I have in Pre JYM that has been proven to be effective.  I won’t bore you with the rest of the insignificant and underdosed ingredients in this product, but there happens to be no betaine and no apha-GPC in it. In other words, this product gives you none of the nutrients you need before workouts at the proper doses. That is NOT doing it right and it IS cutting corners, regardless of what the company claims. It is also absolutely outrageous, unethical, not honest, and very disappointing!

Be Honest and Transparent for ONCE! Who is Formulating your supplements?

When it comes to the supplement industry as a whole, I also want to see full transparency that isn’t just limited to the products, but also includes who is the real person or persons behind the formulas and the products. What are their credentials to provide a formula and what research and background do they have in order to give you the facts on what went into their formula and why? Many of the people formulating supplements don’t even have a real science degree, let alone any advanced science degrees. Some of them in fact, have VERY disturbing backgrounds! Do you really want to trust those people to make a safe and effective product that you are going to put in your body? I certainly don’t!

Be Available, Be accountable

I also want them to be accountable and accessible should the customer have questions or concerns. And that doesn’t mean it comes from some intern or hired hand at the company. The people addressing your questions and concerns about their products should be qualified people who were involved in the formulation of that product and understand how it is used in conjunction with training, diet, and other supplements. Only then will the industry as a whole be making steps in the right direction. Only then will you be getting the products and service that you deserve.
With JYM Supplement Science you get all of that. You always got all of that and you always will. You know who is formulating all of the JYM products – me, an award-winning scientist from Yale University School of Medicine. And you know why I have formulated each of my products the way I did because all of my supplement advice is published and is out there for you to read and to follow. You know who to turn to should you have questions about any JYM product or want specific guidelines about taking them or taking any other products as well. I have always taken my responsibility to get you the answers you seek about training, nutrition, supplements and health, very seriously. That’s because I am an educator. Now that I am also providing you supplements to take, I take that responsibility even more seriously. I am accountable and make myself available in order to provide those answers. I spend countless hours every single day, Sunday through Saturday, speaking with you via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, emails, etc. It’s a necessity to ensure that you are using my products and programs to their fullest so that you can achieve the best results in physique, performance, and health.

Any company can produce a non-proprietary blend and claim to be the revolution in the next phase of the supplement industry.  However, ask yourself, did they start their company based on this and other consumer caring and trustworthy convictions? Or, and more likely the case, is it now only dawning on them to step up because they realize YOU are becoming more educated by information that myself and others who care are making you aware of? But what service have they provided to the fitness industry as a whole? And what have they truly given back to the consumers?

I started my service over a decade ago by researching and writing thousands of articles on training, nutrition, and supplementation.  I have written thousands of Published workout programs, diets and supplement plans. I have published books such as the Encyclopedia of Muscle & Strength, written and produced 2 of the Highest most successful workout programs EVER created on bodybuilding.com (Shortcut to Size and Shortcut to Shred).  My roots are deep and strong with servicing and looking out for the consumer, because I AM ONE! I pledged myself to these truths of service and ventured out to formulate products simply because I could not find, trust or feel confident in anything that was available in the marketplace. After this conclusion and thousands of requests from friends, colleagues and fans, it finally made sense to continue that service and start a revolution. However, a revolution isn’t just about making better products. It’s about standing proud in front of those products to be accountable for them. It’s about never wavering on quality and putting effectiveness and safety above profit. It’s about devoting ones self to providing service to the consumer because the consumer simply deserves it. That’s the type of revolution that I am hell bent on making in the fitness and supplement industry. And I hope that you will support me in making this revolution happen. It has already started.

To really make this revolution take hold of this industry and force real change, you the consumer need to be alert and aware of the games that other companies play to trick you into thinking that they have your best interest in mind and are making the best products for you. That’s why I included that preworkout product example above. You need to question everything. You need to do your own research and educate yourself on supplements. And of course, I am here to help you get that education. That will help make you an educated and savvy supplement consumer. The more educated you are and the savvier you are, the less likely the unscrupulous supplement companies that are in business can trick you with smoke and mirrors. And when enough of you are educated and savvy about your supplement purchases, then the other companies will be forced to step up and provide you the products that YOU demand.

Good For other companies Trying to do it right!

I salute those supplement companies who are looking to re-invent themselves and give the consumers transparent products that they can trust and information that allows all of us to reach our goals. The ones who are doing so I will applaud, shake their hand, and let you know who they are. But unless they are truly doing it right and for the right reasons, we will not be fooled by their games and hidden agendas. These “wolves in sheep’s clothing” will be called out. I won’t stand for it and I hope you won’t stand for it either. Together we stand…

Now go HIT the #JYM!