Get (Un)Comfortable!

JYM_GIRL_BLOG_deadlift upWe all see those people in the gym – the ones who come in and do their three sets of 10 reps on each exercise with no intensity. These are the people who look the same for years on end.

You know where these people reside almost exclusively? In the dreaded comfort zone.

If this sounds all too familiar to you personally, you need to get out of your comfort zone ASAP! You can’t do the same exercises, sets, reps, etc., for months on end and expect to see results. Sure, everyone has their favorite exercises, but unless you’re progressively overloading your muscles and stimulating them with new exercises, rep ranges and intensity techniques, you’ll be on a lifelong plateau. Variety is vital for your results.

Many of you who read this are members of, so you know that there are a TON of programs to choose from to switch up your routine for whatever goal you may have. That being said, some of you ask if it’s okay to repeat the same program two times in a row, and the answer is always: Why? There are so many programs to choose from! You must have variety in your routine – I can’t stress this enough. Jim has PLENTY of programs to keep your body guessing and getting results!

I want to challenge you all: I challenge you to set a goal for yourself – it has to be something you haven’t done but are significantly intrigued by. For example, if you like lifting heavy, sign up for a powerlifting meet! What have you got to lose? NOTHING. And you’d probably hit some PRs! If you’re really looking to get shredded, why not schedule a photo shoot or a vacation or even physique competition? Intrigued by Olympic lifting? Do an Olympic lifting meet!

No, leaving your comfort zone doesn’t mean you HAVE to compete. Try a program that’s structured around a different goal than you normally have. For example, say your goals fluctuate between gaining muscle and losing fat. Well, why not train for strength for a program or two? Nothing wrong with lifting heavy! 😉 Keep yourself accountable. Remember my goal-setting blog? Well, this is leaving your comfort zone and setting a date on a calendar!

Now, leaving your comfort zone doesn’t just have to apply to lifting weights. Go out and do a Tough Mudder, run a 5K, go paddle-boarding, go climb something. Or, it can be as simple as going swimming if you don’t normally do it. Joe Wuebben (my editor for the blog and part of the JYM team!) wrote a GREAT article for Muscle & Fitness a couple years ago on how he challenged himself to do a Spartan Race and KILLED IT!. (Here’s the article he wrote.)

My point is, fitness is a lifelong journey and we should always be challenging ourselves. You have to find what that means for you and go out and conquer it!

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