jim stacked Have you ever thought how cool it could be to literally sit in front of Jim Stoppani PhD and pick his brain? What if you could gather and organize all of the training, nutrition, and supplement advice he has written, discussed, and provided over the past 15 years and decide what would work best for you based on his recommendations?

Wouldn’t it be even more amazing if you could get HIS advice on workout programs in which you could view, follow, and save while watching video demonstrations of Jim himself showing you on how to tweak and perform every exercise correctly? How cool would it be if you could then get each of his workouts and exercises immediately downloaded to your iphone or I pod touch? If you answered YES to any of those questions, what if we told you that it would cost only $14 a month? Would that bee too ridiculous or expensive when other personal trainers and fitness gurus charge hundreds per session? Well the reason why Jim has worked on developing an affordable system that brings all of his information to life is because he truly has a passion for fitness and helping other like minded individuals achieve their goals along with his own.

Finally after 8 long years of careful thought and consideration he has now finally figured out the best and most comprehensive way to bring life to his work digitally. He has always taken great pride in being able to bring his continuous education, research, development of new techniques, philosophies and facts on training and nutrition to his loyal fans and all newcomers alike. Now his satisfaction is complete with the launch of the newest and most advanced fitness website on the internet that he has humbly called his own. So get ready to reach your goals like never before with the Doctor of modern day Fitness. We welcome you to http://www.jimstoppani.com.

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