Fat Burning Ingredients: What You Need to Know

This will concern many who believe that they need to take the fat-burning ingredients in Shred JYM before they work out to maximize fat burning. In fact, many have asked if they should replace Pre JYM with Shred JYM before they train. My answer is no! There is really no reason to take the ingredients in Shred JYM before you train. You are far better off and will get far better fat loss benefits, from taking Pre JYM before you train than Shred JYM. Let me explain.

Yes, research does show that taking several of the ingredients in Shred JYM will maximize the number of calories and fat you burn during your workout. However, what we are now realizing through research done in the lab and the gym is that it actually does not matter how many calories and fat grams you burn during your workouts. The real fat-burning benefits from training come the rest of the day when the workout is over. That is if you are training properly.

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