It tastes like a candy bar, but its macros fit even the strictest fat loss diet (even Keto).

Ever have a protein bar and think, “Wow, that was delicious...” only to look at the macros and see that your protein bar looks more like a Snickers?

Most protein bars are just that: glorified candy bars. Typically, you’ll see far more carbs than protein, which is a huge red flag. And more fat than protein. Again, NO! You do want adequate fat in your diet, as it’s an essential macronutrient, but it shouldn't be higher than your protein content.

Or maybe you found a bar that has decent macros. Awesome… until you bite into what you thought was a protein bar but actually tastes unbearable and has the rubbery texture of bubble gum.

That was the problem I saw in the enormous protein bar market. Pretty much every bar I looked at either tasted good but had way too many carbs and fat (and often not enough protein), or it had decent macros but tasted like cardboard.

So, what’s the solution? JYM Bars! It took me over 5 years to create my protein bar because I wanted…

✅ Great taste and texture.

✅ High protein (every bar packs 20 grams).

✅ Low-carb (each JYM Bar has only 6 grams of total carbs, a measly 3 net carbs, and 1 gram of sugar).

✅ A delicious dessert and snack option for me personally to keep my diet on track.

If you want a protein bar that helps you fight unwanted cravings, tastes amazing, and has the perfect macros to help you CRUSH your goals, you want the JYM Bar!

Don't just take my word for it, though. Here are what others in the JYM Army are saying about the JYM Bar:

"So difficult to find a bar that's filling, healthy, and tastes great. This one is all three." –James H.

"These are hands down the best protein bars on the market! The taste is great and they aren’t packed full of sugars like most other bars! These are the only bars I keep around for at home and on the go!" –Brian C.

"JYM Bars have become my go-to dessert every night after dinner. I no longer crave ice cream and cookies. JYM Bars more than satisfy my sweet tooth, and with zero guilt." –Joe W.

If you're on a strict Keto diet, try the JYM Bar. If you're looking for more variety when it comes to high-protein, low-carb foods, the JYM Bar is a delicious change of pace. If you want something sweet that tastes like a cheat food but isn't, the JYM Bar is it.

Don't compromise on either taste or nutrition. Get both with the JYM Bar!