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Most Multivitamins Suck!

Here's the hard truth you need to know.

When reaching for a multivitamin, it seems too easy. They’re all the same, right? A bunch of vitamins in a bottle to deliver your daily vitamin needs.

NO! Not all multis are created equal, and I'm going to tell you WHY. I’ll get right to the point: MOST MULTIVITAMINS SUCK. Go grab your current multivitamin RIGHT NOW, before reading the rest of this.

Got it? Good. Spin it around. If you see any of the following ingredients on the label… sorry, but your multivitamin is TRASH. I've created Vita JYM as a solution to this problem. I know what you’re thinking: “What problem Jim?” Let me explain.

Here’s what should NOT be in your multi:

ZINC: Zinc in your multivitamin will interfere with the uptake of other needed nutrients like copper, iron, and amino acids

CALCIUM: Calcium interferes with zinc, magnesium, and iron uptake. It shouldn’t be in your multi.

MAGNESIUM: You'll see this in almost EVERY multivitamin, but you do NOT
want this in there. Why? Because it interferes with the uptake of calcium and manganese.

PHOSPHORUS: This is found in abundance in your regular diet. Too much phosphorus in the body can be harmful.

VITAMIN D: This needs to be taken with calcium to maximize absorption, and we know calcium should NOT be in your multivitamin.

Does your multivitamin contain any of the above? Yes? Then YOU’RE WASTING YOUR MONEY! I recommend getting zinc, magnesium,  and calcium, but NOT in your multivitamin. You won’t find ANY of the above in Vita JYM. So now, I ask: Do you want a multivitamin that will maximize your strength, endurance, and cover what you NEED micronutrient-wise to maximize your RESULTS? 

Yes? Then get Vita JYM.

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