Why I Take Shred JYM


Far too often, women think of a fat burner as the magic pill for weight loss. Well, there are so many things wrong with that mentality. There will never be a magic pill for results. I know many women who feel taking a fat burner and doing endless cardio will get them the body they want. WRONG. SO WRONG.

Most fat burners on the market give the category a bad name. They’re all too often formulated through poor knowledge and are mostly proprietary blends. There is such a negative stigma attached to the name “fat burner” because of the horror stories you hear from other supplements from crap companies who don’t know what they’re doing when formulating their products. Shred JYM is the only trustworthy fat burner on the market, hands down.

Shred JYM has the correct ingredients in the right doses that work in synergy for fat loss. The basic formula in Shred allows the fat to be released from fat cells and increases metabolic rate to burn more fat. As always, if you want the science behind the exact ingredients and their role in fat loss, you can find that information on this website. A good place to start is with Jim’s Shred JYM videos.

By now, we know how important weight lifting is for a lean and muscular physique and that fat loss – not weight loss – should be the goal. If your goal is to drop body fat, yes, Shred JYM will absolutely help. But, as Jim has stated many times, Shred JYM is not a magic pill. You need to have your training, diet and cardio in check for Shred JYM to be effective. So no, ladies, you won’t be able to slack on your diet or cardio if you take Shred JYM.

With that being said, if you have those three elements on point (training, diet and cardio) and add Shred JYM into your regimen, I guarantee you will see results. I know from personal experience, when I was shredding a couple of years ago, that Shred JYM made a huge difference. I got results much quicker than I expected after adding it to my supplement regimen.

If your goal is more for mass gain, Shred JYM can help prevent accompanying fat gain to keep your gains lean, meaning you won’t put on much, if any, body fat when adding muscle. After my own personal cut, I started to add in carbs to gain some muscle, and taking Shred JYM (along with following a proper diet and cardio regimen) really helped me to stay lean.

Besides fat loss, Shred JYM has many other benefits as well. Some ingredients in Shred JYM actually aid in recovery and improve cognitive function.

I know many people are concerned with the caffeine doses in Shred JYM and Pre JYM. If you’re sensitive to caffeine, you may not be able to tolerate as much per day as others, but that’s a very INDIVIDUAL thing. I have a very high tolerance for caffeine, so I’m able to take Pre JYM 2-3 times a day along with Shred JYM another 2-3 times, which usually comes out to around 1,500 mg of caffeine per day. And no, I’m not crazy and super hyped all day, nor do I have heart issues. My body reacts perfectly fine to that amount of caffeine. In fact, Jim, Justin Kamb, and many other JYM Army members take that amount of caffeine each day as well. You can start off with 1-2 servings of Shred JYM and see how your body reacts to all of the caffeine and go from there. Three servings a day is optimal, but two is perfectly fine as well.

Just a quick note on taking Shred between meals or with food: If taking Shred JYM on an empty stomach causes stomach pains or issues, then switch to taking it with food. Some are sensitive to the green-tea extract in Shred, so taking it with food helps with those issues. I usually take Shred JYM between meals, as my stomach doesn’t get upset from the green-tea extract. But everyone is different, so see how you react at first.

Personally, I take Shred JYM 365 days a year for EVERY goal. It has taken my energy and results to another level. But no, Shred JYM is not a necessity in your supplement regimen, as you should be prioritizing Pre JYM, Post JYM, Pro JYM, Vita JYM, ZMA JYM and Omega JYM before Shred JYM. However, I HIGHLY recommend adding in Shred if budget allows.

Again, Shred JYM is not the end all be all of your fat-loss progress. It will aid in fat loss and enhance your recovery and energy levels. My goal for this blog was to change the mindset most women have when it comes to fat burners. Plain and simple: Shred JYM will give you an edge if you’re training intensely and have proper supplementation elsewhere.

SO, it’s time to SHRED it up ladies!

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