Welcome Back

The last year for me has been much like living in the Twilight Zone. After a very successful launch of my #JYM Supplement Science line, I inadvertently created many enemies. Sadly, some of them were my supposed friends, colleagues, and business partners. But I guess that’s to be expected when you #dotherightthing and force change in an industry that has since been resistant to it.

Now at least I know who my enemies are. They’re anyone fighting against me and the #JYMArmy in our effort to educate the world about proprietary blends, concentrated formulas, spiked protein powders, and other lies that the supplement industry continues to spew. And they’re anyone preventing anything but full transparency at all levels of the supplement industry, from labels to regulations.
More importantly, now I also know who my true friends are. They are every #JYMArmy member that has stood by me while the industry was spreading lies in hopes of damaging my credibility and lessening my impact on the industry. I want to thank you all for never losing TRUST in me and the fact that the TRUTH would always prevail.
Now let the TRUTH be known. I, JYM Supplement Science and the JYM Army are stronger than ever. And I will continue to work on every platform that is willing to help me spread the TRUTH and educate the world on the REAL science of all things fitness, nutrition, and health.
Today, the NEW team at bodybuilding.com is providing me that platform to continue educating the world in the manner that only I can do, and that I can only do with the help of the JYM Army. As always guys, stay JYM Army strong!