Summer Beach Workout!

I love working out at the beach, or anywhere outdoors, for that matter. I think it’s a great challenge and an awesome way to mix up your routine and just have fun!

Below is a great workout to do if your gym is closed for those summer holidays. And don’t worry, if you’re not near a beach, this can be done in almost any outdoor park that offers some room to run. (NOTE: This is more of a conditioning routine.)

JYM GIRL Summer Beach Workout


  • Complete the below six exercises as a circuit, going from one exercise to the next without resting; take a one-minute break between circuits, unless you’re in really great shape. In that case, go straight from the planks (the last exercise of the circuit) back to bodyweight squats.
  • Complete 5-10 rounds of the circuit, depending on your fitness level – beginners, stick to 5 rounds; hardcore advanced girls, go for 10; intermediates, shoot for somewhere in the middle.
  • Perform this workout barefoot in the sand; if you’re nowhere near a beach or sand, go ahead and wear your training shoes at the park. Or better yet, find a sandy area at the park and go barefoot.

The Circuit:

Bodyweight Squat x 20 reps

Push-ups x 10 reps

Burpees x 10 reps

Lunges x 15 reps per leg

Sprint x 20 seconds

Plank x 20 seconds

Rest one minute between rounds, and complete 5-10 rounds total.

I’ll be honest, this workout is pretty damn hard! There are actually a few studies showing that working out on sand can improve performance without hampering recovery. Sand training requires less stability and less energy output ,which means it can create a greater training load to receive the same output as non-sand training.

I read up on one study specifically on training in grass versus training on sand; the athletes who trained on sand showed a significantly higher heart rate during the session, as well as a greater rating of perceived exertion, than those who trained on grass. These are just some cool tidbits about sand training and why it’s good to change things up once in a while!

Keep this workout in your pocket for a pre-feast fat-burner workout for those summer barbecues and days filled with endless ice cream. 😉 In fact, one such day is right around the corner: July 4th! Enjoy!

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