Put Time on Your Side

It’s time to put an end to the “I don’t have time for [fill in the blank]…” excuse.

Time management is of the utmost importance when it comes to being able to live a work/life balance. This includes getting your workouts in as well.

The biggest thing you can do for yourself is set a goal. But don’t just stop there – create a daily to-do list. This should be everything you plan on getting done that day – including physical activity along with your mobility work.

Most of us gym rats always make time for workouts. We all catch the lifting bug and a lot of times feel bad about missing workouts. That’s great. However, if you’re not quite this dedicated yet, you miss workouts sometimes, and you make excuses for missing them, you need to have your workouts scheduled.

If this is you, I recommend working out first thing in the morning. This sets the tone for your day. You’ll be more productive and confident throughout your work day.

We need to apply that to other aspects of physical fitness as well, like mobility and stability work. Tell me something: Can you stand on one foot with your eyes closed for 30 seconds? If you can’t, you have less than average foot stability.

Foot stability is of utmost importance when squatting. If you can’t balance your own body weight, how can you expect to properly balance all that weight you’re loading onto your spine? This will lead to compensations that will eventually lead to injury.

The same thing can be said for mobility work. If you’re neglecting mobility work, again, you’ll perform movements with inadequate compensations that will lead to injury down the line. Make time for these things. Carve out 20 minutes of your day for mobility and stability work. That should be easy as long as you’re organized.

Here’s another question for you — a diet-related one: Do you use “not having time to cook and prepare meals” as an excuse for why you can’t hit your macros? Well, that’s bull. You always have time, you just have to manage it properly. Add this to your daily list as well.

You can organize your list hour by hour or task by task. It’s up to you – as long as it gets you to execute every single thing on that daily list. It takes around 21 days to create a habit, and then these daily tasks will become more routine. You’ll also feel a hell of a lot more productive with your days!

I get it – some of you are busy moms or dads with kids. Take advantage of your down time. When the kids are napping or they’re playing at a friend’s house, squeeze in a workout. If you have trouble actually getting to a gym, create your own home gym. You can find a squat rack, a few pairs of dumbbells, and JYM Bands all for a decent price. Then you would really have no excuses! 😉

After a week of better time management, I want you all to do a weekly check in. Go over each day and figure out what went wrong and how you can manage your time more effectively. There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be able to have a work/life balance – you just have to manage your time wisely.

Meet JYM Girl Katie Kollath, MS