JYM Athlete Joe Wachs

A multi-sport athlete throughout high school, Joe Wachs began to fall in love with the weight training more than the actual sports themselves.

At just 16 years old, tired of being skinny and not having the body he truly wanted, he began bodybuilding and competing.

By the time he was 19, he finished in the top 5 of the 2019 Arnold Classic Men’s Physique competition.

Six years later at 22, he’s now an inspiration to millions of followers across social media, has millions of views on his YouTube channel, is the owner of two businesses, and became the champ of the 2021 Arizona Open Classic Physique competition.

Joe’s Bio

Age: 22

Height: 6'1"

Weight: Off-Season 275lbs — Stage Weight 235-240lbs

Residence: Fort Myers, Florida

Occupation: Serial Entrepreneur — Online Fitness Coach / Clothing Brand Owner @WachsWear / Real Estate Investor / Athlete Management


Connect with Joe

Q&A with Joe

What got you into fitness in the first place?

I was a multi-sport athlete almost my entire life, but I got tired of being skinny and not having the true sculpture I wanted to have. Being so active with multiple practices a day, it was hard to maintain muscle mass and get bigger when I was doing so much cardio on a daily basis. Honestly, I started to become insecure about myself and wanted to make a change for the better.

What were some of the biggest challenges in your fitness journey?

Definitely the adversity I had to face when I took this path alone at such a young age and didn’t really have many people to support me besides family. I was laughed at, called names, and much more for chasing my dream to become a known bodybuilder and athlete one day, not to mention I’d been vlogging and making YouTube videos since I was 13 years old.

I’ve always been the odd man out and the person that always did whatever they wanted. I’m very grateful that I kept pushing to get to the point I am today because now I can help others who are in the same position as me conquer their goals and continue their journey to success with no distractions.

What’s your #1 tip for those who want to make a transformation?

My number one tip is to start slow and remain consistent. Way too many people try to start strong and they can never finish because they overwork themselves. This is a much harder journey than most imagine when they’re first getting into it. People need to remember that fitness is a lifestyle and there’s absolutely no rush when it comes to getting better.

As long as you check off all the boxes daily that you need to to stay on track with your current goals, with due time, you will be a completely new person. I would recommend focusing on yourself, not comparing yourself to others and truly just focus on getting one percent better every single day. You must remember, God made you exactly who you are today and you don’t need to be like anybody else. Focus on you, believe in yourself, and continue setting small goals that will eventually turn into the bigger picture!

Why did you choose the JYM supplement line over all of the other options out there?

The reason I chose JYM Supplements was quite simple and straight to the point. They have phenomenal top-of-the-line products, they present nothing but professionalism, they’ve been in the game quite some time and they have a very respected name for what they have accomplished. Those are the exact traits I look for in a brand when putting my name behind it. The fact that this brand saw value in me right off the bat took my interest right away.

I’m a huge believer in presentation and how companies represent themselves and their products. With that being said, I like to present myself in the highest possible quality and value and that’s why I feel JYM Supplements and I line up perfectly to work together and continue accomplishing our goals as a family. They have some of the best ingredients in their products within our industry that are proven to work. I’ve been with many top supplement companies throughout my career and I can say hands down, JYM has treated me the best BY FAR.

What are your goals going forward?

My main goal moving forward is to build my Personal Coaching Clientele to 1,000+ clients and bring on many more assistant coaches below me. I would also love to lead my clothing brand into becoming a million dollar company and connecting with many retail storefronts to be sold in stores across America. In the meantime as an athlete, I want to continue to get better within my sport and hopefully step on the Mr. Olympia stage as an open bodybuilder by 2024.

I’d love to build my online presence and reach 1 million followers on each of my social platforms, while continuing to inspire our JYM Army and bring great value as a JYM ambassador.

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