JYM Army Profile: Harry Kirschemann

JYM_ARMY_Image_HarryKirschemannWritten by Harry Kirschemann

I remember a day in my junior year of high school in September 2015: I was in the weight room goofing off with friends and had a hard time lifting 95 pounds. That day, I told myself that something had to change. I immediately went online and ordered a bench and squat rack for my at-home gym.

In November of that year, I weighed 140 pounds — all skin and bones, and my arms were 12.5 inches flexed. I was looking for lifting program when Shortcut to Shred caught my eye. To say I followed the diet would be a lie. But even though I did the exercises half-heartedly, I still saw some muscle gains. I finally decided to get serious in January and did the Six Weeks to Sick Arms program. I saw amazing strength gains and grew in size.

I’ve also done Jim’s Giant Program, The Daily Grind, Back and Fourth Training and I’m currently doing the Summer Shred Challenge.

I follow Dieting 101 and I have to say it’s the best thing I’ve ever done! I take the JYM supplement line, which includes Pro JYM, Post JYM carbs, Post JYM matrix, Pre JYM, ZMA JYM and Shred JYM.

I often get compliments from family members and people from school. When they ask what I do, I always say go to JimStoppani.com. I owe all of this to Jim Stoppani, the JYM Army, and the JYM supplement line. I plan on building more size once I’m done with the challenge and hopefully someday I will compete!

If I had to offer any advice, it would be keep to pushing; you can do it. I went from barely being able to lift 95 pounds to being able to lift 350 pounds in six months and from 12.5-inch arms to 16.25-inch arms. The programs and supplements will do wonders! All you have to do is give it your all.

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