Greek Pro JYM Pudding


By now, most of you have had the pleasure of trying Pro JYM, my non-proprietary protein powder blend that continues to gets rave reviews due to its superior quality and insane taste.

If you haven’t heard the news, protein blends are far superior for muscle growth as compared to using plain whey protein. To read more on the science behind this, click on the link below:

If you’ve been lucky enough to try my s’mores Pro JYM, complete with mini marshmallows, then you know just how good this protein is. Of course, everyone has their favorite flavor. Some are head-over-heels in love with my chocolate-cookie-crunch Pro JYM. Others swear that the cookies-and-cream Pro JYM is the best that they’ve ever had. The purists who stick with plain vanilla will be happy to tell you that vanilla Pro JYM is by far the best-tasting vanilla protein powder to ever be developed. So pick your favorite.

Making an outstanding Pro JYM protein shake is as easy as pouring water in your shaker cup, followed by one or two scoops of your favorite flavor of Pro JYM. You won’t believe that a protein powder mixed in just water could taste so rich, creamy and delicious. I wanted to ensure that Pro JYM was a protein shake you looked forward to drinking every day. After all, if you want to be as lean and muscular as possible, then you know it requires some strict dieting. Having a protein shake that blows you away with flavor and texture, yet allows you to stay within your daily macros, can make a huge difference on how well you can stick with your diet. Yes, you can even use milk (or almond milk as some prefer) to mix Pro JYM in, as long as it fits your macros.

Despite how good it is to simply mix and drink Pro JYM, sometimes you want options, and eating your protein is often more enjoyable than drinking it. Research actually shows that the thicker you make your protein shake, the more satiated you are and the less hungry you get later. That’s a great trick for those dieting to maximize fat loss.

That said, to get your protein shake as thick as possible so that it’s basically a great-tasting dessert, turn it into a pudding. You can find many protein pudding recipes online. Some are quite complex and depending on your diet, many involve ingredients, or a combination of enough ingredients, to knock you off your daily macro count for the day. With Pro JYM, all you need is Greek yogurt to make the most delicious protein pudding that is simple to make and will work with any diet, regardless of how strict it is.

1 scoop s’mores Pro JYM (or use any flavor Pro JYM you like)
8 oz fat-free Greek yogurt (or reduced fat)
2-4 tablespoons water

Place yogurt in a bowl that’s large enough to mix in. Add one scoop of s’mores Pro JYM and mix into the yogurt.

Adding a few tablespoons of water while mixing the protein into the yogurt helps to keep the protein powder from getting kicked out of the bowl as you mix. It also helps the protein powder mix into the yogurt better without leaving any “gritty” areas as can happen if the protein isn’t thoroughly mixed into the yogurt. Add as much water as you like to create the best consistency for your palate.

Place the bowl in the refrigerator for 30-60 minutes to allow the mini marshmallows in the s’mores Pro JYM to rehydrate. You can also opt to place it in the freezer to create more of an ice cream consistency. Or you can skip this step entirely and eat the Greek Pro JYM pudding immediately, if you prefer the marshmallows a bit more “crunchy,” or if you are using any other flavor of Pro JYM.

Eat. Enjoy. And grow!

Nutrition info (using 8 oz fat-free Fage Greek yogurt and 1 scoop Pro JYM s’mores)
280 calories
47 g protein
17 g carbs
3 g fat

Nutrition info (using 8 oz fat-free Fage Greek yogurt and 1 scoop Pro JYM cookies & cream or vanilla)
270 calories
47 g protein
14 g carbs
3 g fat

Nutrition info (using 8 oz fat-free Fage Greek yogurt and 1 scoop Pro JYM chocolate-cookie crunch)
290 calories
47 g protein
16 g carbs
4 g fat

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