Get With the System

JYM_GIRL_BLOG_Image_holdingshakeFor the many JYM supplement users out there, some of you may not know that JYM supplements can be used for many different things – not only for training! I want to give some examples today on how I utilize JYM supplements outside of training.

Pre JYM & Post JYM
I take Pre JYM 2-3 times per day. No, I don’t train that many times a day, but I use Pre JYM as an energy and focus drink. I just started my last semester of graduate school, so I often use Pre JYM to keep me focused while I work on homework assignments or before I take quizzes. I feel very focused and ready to ace my quizzes and tests after taking Pre JYM! I did this all throughout undergrad, too and finished with a 3.8 GPA! I also use it to write these blogs! I find it very fitting, obviously — ha!

Some days I’ll do cardio (HIIT) separate from my lifting, so I absolutely make sure I’m taking Pre JYM, Post JYM, and Pro JYM around both sessions. (I save the Post JYM fast carbs for after my lifting if I do two sessions in one day.)

Ran out of coffee? Pre JYM is the next best thing! Also, put down those sugary, good-for-nothing energy drinks you buy at the store (you all know which ones I’m talking about) and take Pre JYM instead. You get all the benefits of the nutrients contained in Pre JYM, including the caffeine!

Pre JYM and Post JYM are also a great way to curb cravings. If you’re dieting and on a low-carb diet, sipping Pre JYM or Post JYM during the middle of the day when cravings hit you the worst can really be a lifesaver. I’ve done this many times – trust me, it works!

When I’m feeling particularly sore or beat up from training, I’ll take Post JYM two times a day no matter what. I always end up feeling much more recovered when I do this. As my training gets closer to meets, the intensity is really ramped up, so this really gives me an extra edge to make it through an intense training cycle.

I constantly get questions  – especially from women – on how I’m able to hit my protein intake goal. My answer is always that I’m taking Pro JYM at the proper times – before and after workouts, and before bed. I add one in the morning if I don’t train first thing in the morning as well.

The other question I get is, “Where’s your real food?!” Well, Pro JYM is food, people! I also eat plenty of whole foods every day. So, this brings me to my point – if you’re on the go or need to get more protein in, have a Pro JYM shake. It’s quick and easy.

I also highly recommend using Pro JYM for baking and cooking. First, try out my Pro JYM bars if you haven’t already (the recipe for the bars can be found in this past blog). You can use Pro JYM to make protein cookies, protein bread, Pro JYM oatmeal, etc. The possibilities are endless and there are many of these kinds of protein recipes online – just substitute Pro JYM as the protein powder of choice.

Have a good one, ladies! Keep hitting it hard and supplementing smartly!

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