Female Fitness FAQs Round 4

JYM_GIRL_BLOG_Image_XmasSweaterWith all the questions I’ve been getting lately, I figured it’s a perfect time for the fourth installment of my FAQs! Here goes…

FAQ: What are the best stretches to do for squats and deadlifts before and/or after workouts?
A: First, you should never stretch cold. So, if you’re going to stretch before your workout, make sure to do a warm-up to get some blood flow before you ever hold a stretch. The best static/PNF stretches are the half-kneeling stretch, (modified) pigeon pose and runners’ stretch. The best dynamic stretches could depend on your weaknesses. You want to get those firing. If you have weak hamstrings, do some light dumbbell RDLs, bridges, lunges and/or air squats, go into your static stretches, and then go back to your dynamic stretches/warm-up.

FAQ: I’m injured and will be out for awhile. What should my diet look like?
A: My answer is directly from Jim himself. I asked him the same question a long time ago. If you’re injured, you definitely want to keep your protein high. So, protein should be 1.0-1.25g per pound of bodyweight per day. Fats always stay the same, so keep them at 0.5 g per pound. Carbs can be around 0.75 g per pound. You aren’t working as intensely as normal with an injury, so dropping carbs to 0.75 g will help keep the fat off. With that being said, if you’re currently below 0.75 g, you might want to consider bumping them up for the time being because you need calories to help recover from an injury. Now, this is just a general recommendation from Jim, so try it out and see how your body responds and then adjust if needed.

FAQ: I don’t like the taste of the Natural Island Punch flavor of Pre JYM. What’s your favorite flavor(s) besides that one?
A: Yes, we all know Natural Island Punch isn’t a fan favorite because it isn’t as sweet. Just keep in mind that it’s hard to make a natural flavor taste sweet without all the sugars and calories. So, I have a solution! Mix half a scoop of Island Punch and half a scoop of Refreshing Melon and… BOOM, delicious! One JYM Army member recommended it, so I gave it a shot, and now that’s my go-to combo every day. Shout out to that member! Another good combo is Natural Island Punch with Black Cherry. Before you rule out Natural Island Punch, try some of those combos. For individual flavors, I’d say my favorite is Refreshing Melon!

FAQ: What’s the best program for getting started? (Some men and women have asked this question, so I wanted to give my input.) 
A: Regardless if you’re a man or woman, you need proper programming! There are no “ladies” programs and “men’s” programs. That’s just silly. If you’re a beginner at lifting weights, I definitely recommend Jim’s Beginner to Advanced program. I would then progress to something like Shortcut to Size. If you are familiar with lifting weights, but have taken a break and want to get back into it, I would say jump right into Micro Muscle (aka Shortcut to Size) or any other of Jim’s straight set programs. I would get your feet wet with those for awhile before jumping into the more intense programs like Super-Man and The Daily Grind.

I hope all of you found these FAQs helpful and more importantly, I hope you all have Happy Holidays!!!

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