10 Fat-Loss Food Hacks

Losing fat is hard – I’m sure we’ve all been there. But when we set the goal to lose body fat and maintain a deficit in calories, we should expect great results.

Today, I want to discuss some fat-loss hacks to make your cut a little easier, as well as some things to avoid that could be sabotaging you.

Time to hack away at that body fat!

Fat-Loss Hack #1: Try zucchini noodles or spaghetti squash as a substitute for regular noodles. You’ll save a lot of carbs and calories if you use either of these. The taste obviously won’t be the same as real noodles, but it can fight off cravings (for now).

Fat-Loss Hack #2: Use peanut butter to fight off sweets cravings. Peanut butter has just the right amount of salty and sweet to fulfill your sweet tooth. You don’t even need to put it on anything – just spoon it out of the jar! 😊

Fat-Loss Hack #3: Know what a serving of PB looks like. (Extension of Fat Loss Hack #2) Many people are pretty shocked to find out how little a serving of peanut butter actually is when they measure it out, as opposed to eyeballing it. It you eyeball peanut butter and you consistently go over, at the end of the week you can add an extra 200-300 calories; that could be stopping you from losing body fat, or at least the amount you expect to lose each week.

Fat-Loss Hack #4: “Negative calorie” foods are not real. Sure, celery and cucumbers won’t really do much damage or add a significant amount of calories to your daily intake, but it still adds something, especially if you’re trying to satiate your hunger and you keep eating these so-called negative calories foods. If you saw a penny on the street and picked it up, you wouldn’t think you were less wealthy, right? Same goes for these types of foods.

Fat-Loss Hack #5: Try Halo Top ice cream. Yes, I know it isn’t as good as regular ice cream, but when you’re cutting, it sure can taste like it. Plus, an entire pint is equivalent to one serving (in calories) of Ben & Jerry’s, just to put that into perspective.

Fat-Loss Hack #6: Don’t allow “binge” days. Seriously, these “re-feed” days can get really out of hand, especially if you totally blow your macros out of the window. This can cause some serious damage on your physique when trying to lose body fat. Re-feed days are not supposed to be a free for all – you can easily back-track with this kind of mentality.

Fat-Loss Hack #7: Focus on fiber. Getting sufficient fiber can delay gastric emptying, which will allow you to stay fuller for longer. Pick the whole-wheat version of breads or rice and get plenty of veggies to hit your fiber intake.

Fat-Loss Hack #8: Know what triggers your binges. Is it when you’re stressed? Or bored? You need to identify these triggers and deal with the emotional stress behind them. Go for a walk, lift weights, listen to music, or just vent to a good friend rather than eat your weight’s worth in cookies and chips.

Fat-Loss Hack #9: Cook fun, macro-friendly food. Just because you’re dieting doesn’t mean you need to eat chicken and broccoli six times a day. There are many different versions of your favorite dishes somewhere on the Internet. You just have to get a little creative. Trust me, you can still satiate cravings with lower calorie/macro options.

Fat-Loss Hack #10: Know when it’s time to reverse diet. Every cut needs an endpoint. If you’re consistently on a cut, you’ll eventually plateau and start seeing smaller changes the longer you maintain these lower macros/calorie levels. If you’re on pretty low calories and aren’t making anymore progress, you most likely need to reverse diet.